Henry Cavill’s prettied-up Witcher coming to Netflix in fall

Netflix‘s chief content officer revealed this week that the Witcher show, an adaptation of the Polish fantasy epic-cum-video game dynasty, is going to arrive on the streaming service later this year — just in time to fill the void left by a certain other fantasy show’s conclusion. CCO Ted Sarandos confirmed the intended fourth quarter release during an earnings call, according to Variety. His tone when he describes The Witcher is almost charmingly jejune — he says it’s “a big new original series that we’re currently shooting in Hungary called The Witcher, that is an enormous European IP, very popular game and Book IP, that…

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QB Russell Wilson hopes to spend career in Seattle: ‘I want to be a Seahawk for life’

Prior to Monday night, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was widely considered the top free agent available in 2020. The six-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion has set numerous franchise records, and at 30-years-old, would have commanded a lucrative deal from any quarterback-needy organization.

Is LB Bobby Wagner next for Seahawks to sign to an extension?

So it should come as no surprise that in the weeks leading up to Wilson’s April 15 contract deadline, critics questioned whether Wilson wanted to play in Seattle.

But the Seahawks were able to reach an agreement on a contract extension that keeps Wilson with the organization through 2023. And if that didn’t answer the question of whether Wilson wants to play in Seattle, the quarterback made it clear Wednesday.

“When it came down to it, it was a no-brainer for me to want to be here in Seattle and I want to be a Seahawk for life,” Wilson told reporters during a press conference from Seahawks headquarters in Renton. “So, that was kind of my mentality. The guys I’ve always admired in sports, they’re at those locations for 15 or 20 years. Guys like Derek Jeter. I want to like that. I want to be remembered in that sense of what we want to do here in Seattle. So we’re just getting started, and I’m excited about where we’re headed and what we’re doing.”

The Seahawks signed Wilson to a four-year contract extension on April 15. The $140 million extension, which carries an annual salary of $35 million, makes Wilson the league’s highest-paid player.

Wilson was accompanied to the press conference by his wife, Ciara, and the couple’s two children. He emphasized that it was important to him, both for his career and for his family, to be able …read more

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City pours slab for new city hall fountain; festivals decide on different venues for 2019

Crews began pouring the concrete slab for the replacement fountain in front of city hall Wednesday, and officials said they’re on track to open the pool and surrounding plaza this summer.

“We’ve got a 12-hour continuous pour, about 290,000 litres of concrete, which is about 75,000 milk jugs. We’ve got a concrete truck coming through on site every 20 minutes, and we hope to finish up later on this evening,” project manager Eugene Gyorfi said Wednesday.

But although construction is pressing forward, the city wouldn’t share an expected opening date beyond “summer.” In the meantime, the four summer festivals that call the square home have decided to opt out for another year as work on the Stanley A. Milner Library, the Valley Line south LRT construction, and the provincial government’s work on the courthouse continues.

The construction bill for the fountain replacement, as well as resurfacing the surrounding plaza and removing 102A Avenue from where it previously bisected the square, is coming in at $13.4 million. The number includes a $3-million boost by city council last July when contractor bids came back higher than anticipated.

When completed, the new pool will be able to be drained and filled in just one hour, thanks to the installation of a 290,000 litre surge tank. The pool will be drained at night for security reasons, but could also be emptied during the day so the surface can be transformed into an event space.

The new design will feature a granite bottom and the water will only be about ankle-deep. The change from its previous depth of 40 cm was the source of some public outcry and debate on council, which ultimately voted for the changes that adapt to regulatory changes.

But the design also makes entry to the pool — or skating rink — more accessible. There will …read more

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Vlad Guerrero Jr. launches huge home run out of stadium

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