Donald Trump sacks Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General

US attorney general Jeff Sessions


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US attorney general Jeff Sessions

What will the dismissal of the nation’s most senior law enforcement official mean for the Russia inquiry?

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Thursday, November 8, 2018 – 5:42am

Jess Session has resigned as US Attorney General at President Donald Trump’s request, raising doubts about the future of the Russia investigation.

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Is there a plot to smear Robert Mueller? Dutch lawyer sentenced in Trump-Russia probe

The former Alabama senator’s job has been under threat since he stepped aside from Robert Mueller’s inquiry into potential collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and Moscow last year.

“The presidential axe that had been hovering over Jeff Sessions for what has seemed like an eternity just came swinging down with a thud,” says the BBC’s Anthony Zurcher.

Sessions will be temporarily replaced as the nation’s most senior law enforcement official by his chief of staff and Trump loyalist, Matthew Whitaker.

Democrats immediately began to call for Whitaker to recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller inquiry, citing his earlier criticism of the probe, NPR reports.

In an op-ed for CNN last year, Whitaker said reports of Mueller potentially …read more

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Oshie doesn’t care what happens to Malkin, ‘we got the win’

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Square Enix cancels Final Fantasy XV episodes as director quits company

Today, Square Enix hosted a livestream that was billed as a “Special Program” with exciting news about upcoming Final Fantasy XV content. But in an incredible plot twist worthy of the series itself, the news turned out to be inconceivably terrible: almost all of the DLC has been canceled, and game director Hajime Tabata has left the company altogether.

Square Enix had planned to continue the never-ending flow of Final Fantasy XV content all through 2019 with four DLC episodes centered on the characters Ardyn, Aranea, Lunafreya, and Noctis. Instead, only the Ardyn episode will be released — the other three have been abandoned. There’ll be a collaboration event with Final Fantasy XIV next month, and the Comrades multiplayer mode will also…

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Facebook’s Portal video chat devices launch today

Facebook’s home video chat devices, the Portal and Portal Plus, are going on sale today, a month after they were initially announced.

The products are almost exclusively focused on video chatting. While they also display photos, play music, and support a small number of video networks, their feature set is very limited at launch — you can’t even browse Facebook on them.

You’re primarily meant to use them to chat with people over Facebook Messenger, and Facebook has built in some smart camera tricks to make that easier. Both devices have a single, fixed camera at the top, but the camera will zoom in and follow you around, so that you don’t have to hold a phone up to your face while you’re chatting. That way, you can move throughout a room…

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