Sunnyvale’s new $96,000 logo: Pot leaf or Pac-Man?


The City of Sunnyvale has a new logo. I realize this news may not transform your life. It may not interrupt it for more than one or two seconds. But in the now-popular municipal search for “branding” — itself a dubious quest — the new logo offers an intriguing backstory.

First, a bit of history: For the last 46 years, Sunnyvale has had a cone-shaped logo that plays heavily on the “V” in Sunnyvale. It wasn’t terrible. But it was reminiscent of the 1970s, one of America’s worst eras for design. City officials said it spurred a “vast family” of different logos and sub-brands.

Sunnyvale’s old logo City of Sunnyvale

Hence the perceived need for something new. What the city has approved is an all-green logo that looks like the rays of the sun over a gently undulating landscape — a “sunny vale,” or valley. Get it? It doesn’t demand much effort.

Naturally, the people doing the re-branding have come up with words to explain all this. The upper part of the logo purportedly represents “innovation, opportunity, change and adaptability.” The lower part is said to depict “order, safety, security, stability.”

You can safely ignore all this. It is the blather that branders have to produce.

Let’s get down to the real questions the logo of the county’s second-largest city raise for the huddled masses:

A) Is it meant to be cannabis-friendly? Let’s acknowledge straight up here that green has been seized as the preferred color by California’s marijuana growers. True, they don’t have a patent on it. But the green leaf dominates their branding.

Is that a problem for Sunnyvale’s new logo? I think not. In the first place, a fair number of Sunnyvale residents undoubtedly smoke pot. And California recently legalized recreational marijuana. If Sunnyvale is cannabis-friendly, it won’t hurt the economy.

B) Does it …read more

Source:: The Mercury News

Keep oil and gas away from the Dinosaur National Monument

One of the single most fascinating experiences in nature is when water meets rock. The water effortlessly carves away sharp corners of rock and creates some of our country’s most beautiful scenery and America’s most iconic landscapes.

This interaction can be witnessed throughout the West and is especially present in Dinosaur National Monument, where the Yampa and Green rivers come together at Echo Park. Here, hundreds of wildlife species and hundreds of thousands of visitors enjoy and experience the river each year. As stewards of the river we, the Friends of Yampa, plan to continue protecting and enhancing the river’s environmental and recreational integrity for generations to come.

Floating down the river, visitors can experience the history here and the effort that the Yampa has taken to create and carve out this landscape which we call Dinosaur National Monument. This monument was established in 1915 to protect a stunning quarry of prehistoric plant and animal fossils, and today the monument includes 210,844 acres of some of the finest natural resources Colorado and Utah have to offer.

For all of these reasons, Friends of the Yampa asks the Bureau of Land Management and Secretary of the Interior Zinke to side with conservation by preserving and protecting Dinosaur National Monument, one of our state’s most cherished heritage sites, for people to enjoy for generations to come. Currently, the BLM is proposing to lease lands for oil and gas drilling that are right next to the monument’s visitor center and entrance road; these leases would significantly impair the renowned scenery, pristine night skies and natural quiet that makes the monument such a special place. We feel this is the wrong direction for the park to be taking.

If these leases go through, this will only pave the way for additional lands and rivers to be threatened by …read more

Source:: The Denver Post

NBA2K displays Raptors sponsor patch in first official screenshots

Love it or hate it, sponsor patches will be a reality on NBA uniforms next season and it looks like 2K Sports just may have offered fans a glimpse of how they’ll look.

The official NBA 2K Twitter account released the first screenshots for their upcoming NBA 2K18 video game Monday, showcasing Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan, the Boston Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas and newly-acquired Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George.

More interesting than checking out the players’ new polygonal digs is the fact you see the Sunlife logo on DeRozan’s Raptors jersey and the GE patch on Thomas’ Celtics uniform. Placed on by the top left shoulder, opposite the Nike swoosh, this gives fans an idea of how the sponsor patches could be implemented next season.

Ready for 1st official #NBA2K18 screens? #2KFirstLook at @Yg_Trece, @Isaiah_Thomas & @DeMar_DeRozan in #NBA2k18!

— NBA 2K 2K18 (@NBA2K) July 24, 2017

NBA 2K18 releases worldwide on Sept. 19 for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox ONE, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and PC. DeRozan will be the first athlete to ever grace the Canadian-exclusive cover of the game, while Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving will be featured elsewhere.

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