A $42 million ‘10,000 year clock’ is being installed on Jeff Bezos’ property

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos took to Twitter to announce that construction of the 10,000 year clock has begun on his property in Texas, with a view to encourage thinking about humanity in the long term. Conceived back in 1986 by American computer scientist Daniel Hills, the clock’s mechanism is designed to advance far more slowly than your average timekeeping device: it’ll tick once a year, its century hand will move once every 100 years, and its cuckoo will emerge every millenium. Installation has begun—500 ft tall, all mechanical, powered by day/night thermal cycles, synchronized at solar noon, a symbol for…

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India has the slowest 4G LTE speeds in the world

As always, India is proving itself to be a paradox in a world that isn’t any less itself. While having 86.26 percent coverage of 4G, the country somehow still manages to have the slowest speeds in the world as per OpenSignal’s State of LTE 2018 report.

India ranked last out of the 88 countries that were on the list with an average 4G LTE speed of 6.07 mbps. Though disappointing, it’s an improvement from last year’s report where India’s average speed was 5.14 mbps with 81.56 percent coverage. OpenSignal reported that network congestion was the primary reason behind India’s underperforming speeds.

Globally, 4G LTE speeds have stagnated at approximately 45 mbps with the overall global average at 16.9 mbps, which is an improvement over last year’s average of 16.6 mbps.

Availability of 4G signals

Availability of 4G signals, is measured by how consistently accessible 4G networks are in each country in OpenSignal’s report. Rather than focus of geographic coverage, the company focused on the proportion of time that the users have access to a particular network.

In the current report, India was ranked fourteenth in terms of available of 4G signals. Although it was an increase in absolute coverage from last year, the country’s rank slipped 3 places (down from being eleventh in 2017). Growth in availability has been attributed to Reliance Jio making 4G services more accessible and contributing towards the telecom boom.

4G speed

Countries like India and Thailand, though providing far-reaching access to LTE signals, lack the capacity to deliver speeds that are any higher than 3G networks.

Most of the countries that have speeds greater than the global average of 16.9 mbps are small European nations with small populations. The bottom half of the ranking in OpenSignal’s report mostly include nations that have large populations …read more

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Two people shot in southwest Denver; one suspect in custody, one at large

Two people were shot in southwest Denver on Tuesday night. Police had one suspect in custody and were looking for a second suspect.

The double shooting happened at South Federal Boulevard and West Louisiana Avenue, police said at 9:15 p.m.

#DPD officers are at Louisiana & Federal Blvd investigating a shooting. Two victims were struck and transported. Unknown if injuries are life-threatening. 1 suspect is in custody: 2nd suspect at large. pic.twitter.com/uxW8Uy5xmi

— Denver Police Dept. (@DenverPolice) February 21, 2018

The two victims were taken to a hospital. Further details on their injuries were not released.

The identify of the suspect in custody, a description of the at-large suspect and a motive in the shooting were not released Tuesday night.

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