Three things we learned in the NHL: Leafs ahead by a century

Canada lost rockstar Gord Downie on Wednesday, taken cruelly by cancer at only 53. The Tragically Hip are as important to Canadians as the game of hockey, and his death sent a ripple across the NHL.

To honour Downie and everything he meant for our country and our game, this edition of things we learned takes some inspiration from the songs that brought us together.

Thanks for the music Gord.

Maple Leafs rebuild ahead by a century

Wednesday saw another in a long history of battles between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings. These two teams go back more than 90 years but at this point in time, they are seemingly headed in opposite directions.

The Maple Leafs are now the betting favourites to win the Stanley Cup, while the Red Wings are getting credit simply for not being as bad as expected.

Leafs are only the 4th team since 94-95 to post 33+ goals in their first 7 gp. In 93-94 three teams did it… Including the Leafs.

— Stephen Burtch (@SteveBurtch) October 19, 2017

Getting to this point was a long and painful road for the Maple Leafs and their fans but it’s paying off now. But Red Wings fans can’t expect the same thing for their team, at least not any time soon.

Red Wings GM Ken Holland said earlier in the day that he wasn’t interested in a rebuild despite missing the playoffs last season for the first time in 25 years.

“The rebuild is a long process to get to where you’re elite, I’m talking six, seven, eight years. We’re trying to be competitive,” Holland said on Hockey Central at Noon Wednesday.

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Another sunny, breezy day in store for Denver metro area

1111111 weather

It’s going to be another clear, sunny day in the Denver metro area with temperatures approaching 80 degrees on Thursday, forecasters say.

The high is expected to reach 79 degrees. Wind gusts out of the southwest could approach 16 mph, according to the National Weather Service in Boulder. The overnight low will be around 47 degrees.

Friday will be a tad warmer. Forecasters believe the high will reach 80 degrees.

“Warm and dry weather can be expected for Thursday and Friday ahead of dry and fast moving storm system which will pass across the northern portion of the state Saturday and Sunday,” the NWS reports. “This storm system will bring gusty winds to northern Colorado with the strongest winds in the mountains and foothills.”

Sunny skies will be the weather theme through the weekend and the first half of next week.

Even when a cold front moves into Colorado with brisk winds up to 26 mph on Saturday it will be mostly sunny. The high temperature will only be around 57 degrees on Saturday.

It will warm up to 68 degrees on Sunday. High temperatures will fluctuate between the low 60s and low 70s Monday through Wednesday, the NWS says.

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Source:: The Denver Post

Raiders QB Derek Carr seeks to conquer his Mt. Everest

OAKLAND — The coronation of Derek Carr will have to wait.

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The Raiders are in survival mode instead.

Storylines can change radically in an NFL season, including the one where Carr and the Raiders looked to cement their status as valid Super Bowl contenders with a nationally televised Thursday night game against the Kansas City Chiefs at the Coliseum.

It was the night the Raiders would vanquish their tormentors and Carr, who might have been the NFL’s Most Valuable Player a year ago had it not been for the two losses against the Chiefs, would scale his personal Mt. Everest.

The Chiefs, 5-1, have held up their end. The Raiders, 2-4 and losers of four in a row, are another matter.

During training camp, when expectations were high for the Raiders based on their 12-4 record a year ago, Carr would attempt to bring everyone down to earth with a reminder that “we haven’t beaten the Chiefs yet.”

Carr actually did beat the Chiefs once. It was first win after an 0-10 start, and coincidentally took place on a Thursday night in Oakland in 2014.

The Chiefs, however, have won the last five and Carr hasn’t played well in any of them.

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In those six games, Carr has completed 55 percent of his passes for 1,215 yards, six …read more

Source:: The Mercury News

Sex addiction might not be a real condition — here’s why


Celebrities are often carted off to receive treatment for “sex addiction.”
However, experts disagree over whether it is a real condition or not.
Sex addiction is not listed as a clinical diagnosis yet, but some scientific research does show that sex and drug addicts’ brains respond in similar ways to what they are hooked on.
Addiction is not an excuse for bad behaviour, but it does show that someone has deeper set issues they need to work through.

It’s a familiar story — a Hollywood star is driven away in a black car to go and receive treatment because they have an addiction. For some, it’s because they can’t stop having sex.

Whether it’s Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods, or Harvey Weinstein, they seek out a cure for their “sex addiction,” and promise they will get the help they need.

However, experts disagree on whether sex addiction is a real thing or not. In the cases of high profile men being accused of sexual assault or cheating, sex addiction could be a front, or an excuse, for their bad behaviour.

The term has been thrown around in the mainstream since the 1990s, when Michael Douglas was admitted to rehab for a supposed addiction to sex. Over the years the disorder has supposedly affected many celebrities such as Robbie Williams and Russell Brand, with varying levels of cynicism.

According to some research, only about a third of sex addicts are women, but this figure is likely to be low because women are less likely to seek out treatment, or to believe they have a problem, and are thus under-represented in studies.

Sex addiction is not a clinically-listed diagnosis.

Sex addiction is not actually listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) or the International Statistical Classification of …read more

Source:: Business Insider