A controversial YouTuber’s suicidal claims have fans questioning his motives

Content warning: the following story contains sensitive material regarding mental health, self-harm, and suicide.

Two months after Yousef “FouseyTube” Erakat threw a disastrous concert in LA that ended in a bomb threat, the YouTube star says he’s giving up his channel with 10 million subscribers. “It’s not worth it,” Erakat said in a video uploaded last week. While the confession seems heartfelt and genuine, Erakat’s history of sensational dishonesty in pursuit of views has left fans wondering whether his talk of suicide is real or not.

Erakat is a controversial YouTuber who is known for making prank videos and “social experiments,” some of which he admits that he faked for views. In the last year, Erakat has become a source of ridicule…

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Apple Watch 4 teardown reveals a few new parts and redesigned interior

It made sense to peer into the iPhone XS first, but now we’ve gotten an inside look at the Apple Watch 4. An iFixit teardown has shown us that while there are only a couple new elements, Apple has shifted around the smartwatch’s internal parts to eke out a bit more sound and battery.

The biggest addition is the new pair of sensors, which operate as electrodes allowing the smartwatch to take ECGs. The first is a conspicuous gray ring on the bottom of the watch, while the other is within an updated digital crown, which the user squeezes with their other hand during a reading. The watch measures voltage between the two to take an ECG.

Photo credit: iFixit

Apple has shifted around the internals of this year’s smartwatch, and we’re seeing benefits. Since the microphone has been moved closer to the digital crown, there’s more room for the speaker, which has been enlarged to produce 50% louder sound, Apple claims.

The new S4 chip includes an ST Microelectronics ST33G1M2 32-bit MCU, the eSim found in the Apple Watch 3 and now the iPhone XS. It’s the first time an eSim has been included in the company’s smartphone line after being tested in other Apple products.

The battery capacity has been increased about 4% to 1.113 Wh (291.8 mAh at 3.81 V), up from 1.07 Whr (279 mAh at 3.82 V) in the Apple Watch 3. In our tests, we found the new smartwatch far exceeded Apple’s claim of an 18-hour battery life, which can stretch to two days if you use it lightly.

Insides aside, the Apple Watch 4’s external changes are noticeable, but only if you’ve been paying close attention to the smartwatch line over the years.

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These people will go to the edge of the Earth to prove it’s flat

At least one supposed member of a group calling itself “Project Edge” claims they will be undertaking a mission to travel to the edge of the Earth later this week. Here’s hoping they can finally figure out if our planet resides on a series of turtles’ backs, or the shoulders of Atlas. In the following video, uploaded to Facebook last month, Desmond Walsh – some guy who thinks the Earth is flat – sends out a call for volunteers. There’s a better-than-naught chance this is a strange attempt at humor or trolling. Posted by Des Walsh on Monday, August 13,…

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Slack buys Astro and shuts down its email app

Slack has purchased Astro, the maker of an email app with a built-in smart assistant that helped sort through your messages and elevate important items to your attention.

It may seem curious for Slack, the giant chat app with the goal of killing email, to buy an email app — but the pairing makes a good deal of sense. Astro’s focus was on business users, and it built out some smart integrations inside of Slack. With the two teams combined, Slack can use Astro’s experience to build a native solution for dealing with emails right inside the chat app.

There is some bad news, though: Slack is shutting down Astro’s email app. The app will stop functioning on October 10th. That’s unfortunate, given that good third-party email clients have…

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