Experiencing World of Warcraft Classic bugs? Nope – they’re old-school features

World of Warcraft turns 15 this year, and the premier, veteran massively multiplayer online role playing game is celebrating by returning to its roots with World of Warcraft Classic. It turns the clock back on the adventure, rolling back updates and expansion packs to an earlier 2005 ‘vintage’ period for the game that many players consider a golden age for the title.

But as is often the case with nostalgia, things aren’t always quite as rosy as you remember. World of Warcraft Classic will be released fully to paying subscribers of the main game on August 27 2019, but a beta early access has given some players a sneak peek at what to expect – and it’s been a bit of a shock for some.

Classic players have been reporting a series of bugs to developers Blizzard Entertainment. Except the problem is, they’re not bugs. They’re actually accurate, old-school features of how the game used to play.

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From minimap quest markers to player-balancing attack distances, World of Warcraft has received innumerable small quality of life improvements over the years. And as the saying goes, you only miss the things you love when they’re gone – the same goes for patch fixes.

“The nature of WoW Classic sometimes invokes different memories for different players, and this leads to certain misconceptions for some about what is or isn’t working as intended,” explains Blizzard in a Battle.net post.

So, what is, or isn’t, a bug in World of Warcraft Classic? Here’s what Blizzard has highlighted as being a non-bug in the new, old game mode:

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Why businesses are turning to low-code for their custom applications

These days every business has an app but developing custom applications can quickly become quite costly for organizations. This is where low-code comes into play. Instead of hiring costly developers, businesses can simply configure how they want their app to function and the low-code platform does the rest. This gives them more time and resources to dedicate to the other parts of their business while speeding up the development process significantly.

TechRadar Pro attended this year’s Appian World where we sat down with the company’s Director of Product Strategy Jorge Sanchez to learn more about low-code and how businesses can leverage this emerging technology.

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