Google’s new podcast ‘app’ is already on your Android phone

Google quietly rolled out a new way for Android users to listen to podcasts and subscribe to shows they like – and it already works on your phone. Podcast production company Pacific Content got the exclusive on it: essentially, Google now surfaces podcast show info and episode listings in search results on your Android device, and you can tune into them right from there – no app installation necessary. To get started, just search for a show using Google Search or Google Assistant with a query like, “bbc the inquiry podcast.” You’ll be presented with info about the show, and…

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New Venom trailer has Venom in it

The new trailer for Sony’s Venom movie is out, and it corrects the first trailer’s mistake by actually having Venom in it. Quite a lot of Venom, actually, to the point where I might suggest staying away if you’re spoiler-averse. For everyone else, you’ll get to see Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock coming to terms with the new powers bestowed upon him by the symbiote, and using them to predictably violent effect.

Venom is out October 5th, and follows Spider-Man: Homecoming in “Sony’s Marvel Universe.” It doesn’t cross over with the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Drink-a-day startup Hooch adds a perk-filled premium membership plan

Hooch Black

Hooch, the subscription startup that allows members to claim one free drink per day from hundreds of different bars and restaurants, is adding a new membership level called Hooch Black.

Signing up for Hooch Black will cost you significantly more than the regular subscription — instead of $9.99 per month, it’s $295 per year. And you don’t just get in automatically; you actually need to fill out an application.

But in exchange for that money and work, Hooch Black members get access to a variety of perks (on top of the standard drink-a-day option), including deals at more than 100,000 hotels worldwide — co-founder and CEO Lin Dai said that because they’re are only visible to members, Hooch gets access to lower “unpublished” prices that you won’t find elsewhere online, with discounts as high as 60 percent.

It also offers preferred reservations, discounts and free champagne at select restaurants. And there are other giveaways, too — in New York City, the launch offerings include Hamilton and Governor’s Ball tickets.

Dai suggested that Hooch has always been meant as an antidote to apps that “facilitate a couch economy” — instead of delivering stuff to your home, Hooch convinces you to go out to bars. Dai said Hooch Black “continues the concept” with all additional perks tied to real-world experiences. (There’s some couch-centric stuff too, like a $100 Postmates credit.)

In addition, Hooch Black members will get access to what Dai described as an “concierge who can make travel arrangements and dining reservations for you.” (Those reservations don’t have to be with Hooch partners, by the way.) He compared the experience to an American Express concierge, but with the advantage that the communication is handled in the Hooch app: “No one wants to pick up the phone anymore.”

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Steven Spielberg says he’s played Mario on a PlayStation in VR

Steven Spielberg has made a surprising revelation in an interview with Japanese news agency Kyodo. When asked whether he’d played any VR games — an obvious question given the theme of his latest movie, Ready Player One — the legendary director answered “I played Mario and so on on the PlayStation. The first time I tried it I didn’t want to take the goggles off.”

Did Spielberg just leak the existence of a shocking tie-up between Nintendo and Sony? Is Mario really coming to PlayStation, and in VR no less?

Well, almost certainly not. Which makes me wonder what Spielberg is talking about. Here are some of the possibilities that come to mind:

Spielberg played something on the PlayStation VR that he thought was a Mario game. There aren’t…

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