Brad Rock: Ute quarterbacks get what they deserve

SALT LAKE CITY It’s only a few days before Utah’s season opener, and Snoop is feeling good. He knows he’ll take punishment all season a lot of it. But is he worried about carnivorous defensive linemen? Howling safeties?

“No, not at all,” says Utah quarterback Tyler Huntley. “They put on their jocks just like me.”

Huntley isn’t big, but he’s built like a speedboat, all clean lines and sleek angles. “A buck-ninety” is how coach Kyle Whittingham describes his quarterback. The plan is to get him up to 210 pounds.

But the surprise starter is off to a good beginning. He’s speaking freely and confidently, having won the job over last year’s signal-caller, Troy Williams. And he’s dishing anecdotes. For instance, how he got his nickname.

“Snoop came from my coach in high school,” Huntley says. “He said it was because I was skinny like Snoop Dogg. It stuck.”

The focus last week was all about the quarterbacks. That’s because, in an uncharacteristic move, Whittingham agreed with offensive coordinator Troy Taylor that Huntley should start. You could have knocked media and fans over with a blink.

Whit not choosing the incumbent?

He himself is an incumbent.

He’s also a creature of habit. He stuck with Travis Wilson for what seemed like decades, despite Utah’s offensive shortcomings. He winced each time Jordan Wynn went down, but always returned to him when he got healthy. Brian Johnson was Whittingham’s choice the moment Alex Smith left.

The incumbent always has the inside track in the Whit system.

But on Aug. 21, Whittingham announced Huntley had edged out Williams.

“You can’t break me, no matter what you do to me, what you tell me, no matter what it is,” said a chippy Williams.

That’s actually good news to Whittingham, because teams rarely make it through a season with just one quarterback. Besides, this story …read more

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Vontae Davis becomes newest addition to Colts’ injury list

INDIANAPOLIS — Two-time Pro Bowl cornerback Vontae Davis is listed as week to week after coach Chuck Pagano said he was diagnosed with a “pretty significant” groin injury.

Davis was injured in Saturday at Pittsburgh. He missed practice Monday to get a second opinion.

On Tuesday, Pagano said Davis did not need surgery. And although he didn’t provide a timetable for Davis’ return, Pagano’s wording usually indicates a player will miss multiple weeks.

The addition of Davis to the injury list is yet another complication with cut-downs looming Saturday.

Andrew Luck has not yet been activated, starting centre Ryan Kelly is out following foot surgery and now the Colts’ top defensive player is out, too.

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Erick Evans

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Domi: I think we’re going to surprise a lot of people

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