Trump foe Cheney loses Wyoming GOP primary, ponders 2024 bid


CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, Donald Trump’s fiercest Republican adversary in Congress, soundly lost a GOP primary, falling to a rival backed by the former president in a rout that reinforced his grip on the party’s base.

The third-term congresswoman and her allies entered Tuesday downbeat about her prospects, aware that Trump’s backing gave Harriet Hageman considerable lift in the state where he won by the largest margin during the 2020 campaign. Cheney was already looking ahead to a political future beyond Capitol Hill that could include a 2024 presidential run, potentially putting her on another collision course with Trump.

On Wednesday, calling Trump “a very grave threat and risk to our republic,” she told NBC that she thinks that defeating him will require “a broad and united front of Republicans, Democrats and independents — and that’s what I intend to be part of.” She declined to say if she would run for president but conceded it’s “something that I’m thinking about.”

Cheney described her primary loss on Tuesday night as the beginning of a new chapter in her political career as she addressed a small collection of supporters, including her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, on the edge of a vast field flanked by mountains and bales of hay.

“Our work is far from over,” she said, evoking Abraham Lincoln, who also lost congressional elections before ascending to the presidency and preserving the union.

The primary results — and the roughly 30-point margin — were a powerful reminder of the GOP’s rapid shift to the right. A party once dominated by national security-oriented, business-friendly conservatives like her father now belongs to Trump, animated by his populist appeal and, above all, his denial of defeat in the 2020 election.

Such lies, which have been roundly rejected by …read more

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Doctors warn downpours could trigger rare ‘thunder fever’ outbreak

Medics have issued a rare ‘thunder fever’ alert

Allergy specialist Dr Sophie Farooque tweeted her warning as storms and flash floods strike Britain (Picture: Met Office / Getty)

Doctors warn that people with hay fever and asthma are at higher risk of potentially deadly allergic reactions during thunderstorms.

A potentially deadly combination of high pollen counts and wet weather creates the rare phenomenon known as ‘thunder fever’, or ‘thunderstorm asthma’.

Blamed for thousands of deaths and allergic attacks, it sees moisture brought by storms shatters pollen normally to large to enter humans’ airways into tiny particles.

This then allows them to to travel deep inside the lungs. There is also evidence to suggest lightning strikes may create these freak pollen ‘bombs’.

Along with hay fever sufferers, around 60% of asthmatics whose symptoms are triggered by pollen are at risk.

Allergy expert Dr Sophie Farooque from warned storms currently battering Britain could result in thunder fever on a scale not seen since 1994, when thousands suffered attacks. 

She said: ‘This week thunderstorms are expected and I want to make people with hay fever aware of a very rare phenomenon called thunderstorm asthma. The last episode major UK episode was in London in 1994.

‘Although grass pollen levels are falling, weed pollen levels are high, as are levels of Alternaria (found in soil and on plants, cereal grains, grass and rotten wood.)’

Weather warning map shows storms are blighting the whole of Britain (Picture: Met Office)

Lightning strikes are also linked to the freak and potentially deadly ‘pollen bombs‘ (Picture: Nick Brundle / Getty Images / Moment RF)

Storms are hammering London amid warnings for hay fever and asthma sufferers to stay indoors (Picture: Yui Mok / PA Wire)

A man leaps over a puddle in one of today’s London deluges (Picture: Leon Neal / Getty Images)

Warning of ‘thunder fever’ on …read more

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23-story project in Denver’s Golden Triangle neighborhood will incorporate existing retail building

The office building at 1129 Cherokee St. would be replaced by the proposed 23-story apartment building. (Provided by Google Maps)
The office building at 1129 Cherokee St. would be replaced by the proposed 23-story apartment building. (Provided by Google Maps)

Revesco and Alpine are also partners on the planned redevelopment of the Bonnie Brae Tavern site, which they bought in May, weeks before the restaurant closed after an 88-year run. That one likely won’t break ground until late next year.

“We’re really focused on doing two (projects) a year,” Bunn said.

Bunn said he is partnering with Ironstate on the Golden Triangle projects because high rises are that firm’s “bread-and-butter,” and 23 stories “doesn’t really fit the same profile” as the smaller projects he’s doing with Revesco.

Bunn also confirmed that he expects to eventually redevelop the Cherry Cricket property in Cherry Creek, which he bought along with a neighboring parcel in June for $25 million. No plans have been submitted, however, and Bunn said redevelopment will “not be in the first half of this decade.”

Bunn’s father-in-law is an executive at Cherry Cricket parent company Breckenridge-Wynkoop LLC and is invested personally in the planned redevelopment.

“Obviously, having a friendly developer on the project is good for the business,” Bunn said.

This story was reported by our partner

The development firm that recently purchased the Bonnie Brae Tavern and original Cherry Cricket properties is thinking big in the Golden Triangle.

Denver-based Alpine Investments, in conjunction with New Jersey-based Ironstate Development, wants to build a 23-story, 285-unit apartment building at the northwest corner of 11th Avenue and Cherokee St.

The 250-foot-tall structure would be one of a handful of projects, along with two being planned by Denver-based Urban Villages, to take advantage of the new maximum height included in new zoning for the neighborhood that city leaders approved last summer. That change has helped propel the neighborhood’s status as a hotbed for multifamily development, with both national and local players in the mix.

The new structure would replace a pair of small office buildings, at 1117 and 1129 Cherokee St. But it would incorporate the third structure currently on the site, a unique retail building known as Cherokee Row right on the corner whose tenants include Denver Pizza Co.

Alpine principal Churchill Bunn said the planned building would keep three sides of Cherokee Row’s brick facade, as well as the porches in front of each of the units. The space would continue to be used for retail.

The office building at 1117 Cherokee St. would be demolished. (Provided by Google Maps)
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The deer and the antelope aren’t the only animals playing in Colorado

During the Falconry Experience at The Broadmoor, you’ll meet falcons and other birds of prey. And you may get a “hawk slap.” (Michael Mundt, Special to The Denver Post)

Fly falcons

The only adventure of its kind in Colorado,

Sure, you can see deer, bighorn sheep, bald eagles and maybe elk or a bear on your summer explorations in Colorado. But did you know that you can also picnic with a llama, or “wrestle” an alligator? Or dive with sharks, or meet a wolf? Add adventure to your summer road trip with one or more of these unique animal encounters offered throughout the state.

Sue Demars of Kittredge swims with a variety of fish at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver. (Denver Post file)
Dive with sharks

If you’re seeking a feeding frenzy of sharks à la “Jaws,” you won’t find it at Denver’s Downtown Aquarium. Instead, the staff allow guests to view the animals in their calm, natural state to promote marine-life education and conservation. There’s no chumming the water here. View a variety of animals, including blacktip reef and zebra sharks, butterfly and unicorn fish, and the scene-stealers, three green sea turtles.

Details: After shimmying into a wetsuit, visitors receive a 20-minute tutorial about the animals in the tank before being outfitted with SCUBA gear. Then you’re lowered into the water for roughly 20 minutes. The Shark Cage Experience is available every Saturday and Sunday, with three groups each day, up to five guests per group (six if a single family).

Dive experience is not necessary; minimum age 8 years; $100 per person includes all gear. Private sessions are available. Kids age 6 and older can snorkel in the Under the Sea exhibit, and other snorkeling and diving experiences are available.
700 Water St., Denver; 303-561-4450

A lettuce bundle for the giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo costs just $3 – and attracts your newest best friend. (Michael Mundt, Special to The Denver Post)
Feed giraffes

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo boasts one of North America’s largest — and most prolific — giraffe herds. Get eye-to-eye with …read more

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Denver airport construction sets off shuffle of most airlines’ check-in counters

Travelers used to navigating Denver International Airport’s ongoing terminal renovations could get thrown for a new loop in coming weeks: Their airlines’ check-in counters won’t be where they remember.

The moves will clear the way for the nearly $2.1 billion project’s remaining phases, including building new, higher-capacity security screening checkpoints upstairs in the northeast and northwest sections of the building. That is where more than a dozen airlines’ ticket counters and kiosks are located currently, nearest to the bridge to Concourse A.

Nearly all of them, including all of DIA’s international carriers, will move to old empty counters on the south ends of the terminal, on both the east and west sides. Those check-in positions were vacated by United and Southwest airlines late last year when the airport’s largest carriers moved into brand-new, wrap-around ticketing areas built in the terminal’s midsection, on both sides of Level 6.

Happening this week: Delta Air Lines and Spirit Airlines were set to kick off the moves this week, with each shifting from the east side of the terminal to the west side.

After an overnight relocation, a DIA news release said Delta was set to open its new counters in the early morning Wednesday in Pod 6, near Door 612 in the southwest part of the terminal (nearer to the airport’s Westin hotel). Spirit will open its new counter early Friday in Pod 5, also in the southwest section, near Door 616.

Coming soon: The rest of the airline moves will happen through October, DIA says — affecting carriers including American Airlines, Allegiant Air, JetBlue Airways, Sun Country Airlines, Icelandair, British Airways, Air France, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Volaris and Aeroméxico. DIA did not specify each’s new location.

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James Beard Award-winning chef …read more

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Wasabi KitKats, ketchup Cheetos and other international snackfoods are getting easier to find in Denver

boxes of unusual KitKats

For years, snack fanatics have sought out strange kinds of KitKats, potato chips laced with unusual spices, and sodas sporting wacky flavorings. Often these items are made by outlets of popular companies in other countries. But now, instead of traveling across borders to find these rare items, they are becoming easier to find in Denver.

“The reason we started Conbini Store was a mixed bag: Most of our team grew up in Asia, and back home, we were spoiled by unique snacks and the childlike joy they bring,” said store co-owner Matt Jung. “When we moved to the States, we realized we missed the unique flavors we found at home, so this half-started as a way to temporarily satisfy our own cravings.”

Customers can find over 100 rotating products from 10 different countries, including beer potato chips from China, wasabi KitKat bars, and a Netflix and Lays collaboration of “Stranger Things” chips from Thailand. Right now the shop only does popups at the Street Food Social markets, breweries and other locations. But, said Jung, there are big plans to put in funky vending machines in RiNo come fall and a brick-and-mortar spot in the distant future.

KitKats are one of the popular snacks at It’s a Bodega. (Special to the Denver Post: Linnea Covington.)

“We are always pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who said they saw our stuff on Instagram or all over TikTok,” said Jung, who opened Conbini last spring with Thao Bui and Daniel Lee.

“One of our biggest motivators is that Denver is in the middle of the country and there isn’t a large Asian population here, and it takes a lot for Asian families to come to the middle of the county and build a business,” he added.

Asian, Eastern European Latino markets have long carried some specialty snacks …read more

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Brunch is back in a big way in Denver, but how did we get here?

Colorado Breakfast Burrito at Sam's No. 3 Downtown in Denver, on Aug. 11, 2022. It is made with Colorado Proud ground buffalo, jalapenos, bacon, jack, cheddar, avocado, eggs and potatoes. (Photo by Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post)
Colorado Breakfast Burrito at Sam’s No. 3 Downtown in Denver, on Aug. 11, 2022. It is made with Colorado Proud ground buffalo, jalapenos, bacon, jack, cheddar, avocado, eggs and potatoes. (Photo by Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post)

Many argue that Snooze gave Denverites that go-ahead on day drinking and pancake flights when it opened in 2006 at Park and Larimer. In the decade and a half since, it’s grown from 14 employees at that original restaurant to nearly 2,500 workers across 52 locations in nine states. It’s a downright brunch behemoth, but it’s not our only brunchy chain.

You might have noticed that Denver is a bit of a brunch town. On weekends, especially, the Bloodys flow like water, pancake orders rise like the mountains, and wait times, well … we hope you don’t have anywhere to be.

For whatever reason, two separate entities decided to rank U.S. cities by their fondness for brunch, and guess what? Denver made the Top 10 on both lists.

So if it seems like you’re seeing a lot of tables full of French toast and scrambled eggs on the weekends, it could be because we have 11 brunch restaurants per 100,000 residents, compared to the national average of just seven.

Some of the dishes offered at La Bouche for brunch. (Provided by La Bouche)

And more and more are popping up. In the past few months, Cattivella, Federales, Rewild, Modis in the City, The Original, Blanco, La Bouche and Three Saints Revival all launched brand-new brunch services. Safta, Jill’s Restaurant and the Wynkoop Brewing Company brought theirs back post-pandemic. Brunch is most definitely booming.

“When we launched the Rewild brunch menu on the weekends, that flipped our program on its side, and people are really loving it,” said Kelly Campbell, co-owner of Nurture, which houses the new Rewild restaurant. “We’ve seen our weekend sales double (with the new brunch), and on a couple days, triple.”

Rewild debuted inside Nurture, a Highland wellness hub, in June. Nurture already had a daytime café, Nest, which focused on juices and smoothie bowls, but Rewild brought the sort of indulgent dishes you expect from a weekend brunch, like Benedicts and a bison short rib hash, as well as all the mimosas, micheladas and a.m. cocktails that go along with them.

“People are loyal to their brunch here,” Campbell said. “I think brunch is Denver’s way of commemorating that the …read more

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A former McDonald’s employee claims she was fired after reporting sexual harassment to the company

The employee said she had worked at a McDonald’s branch for 24 years.

A Mcdonald’s worker alleged that she faced retaliation after reporting sexual harassment.
Rosalia Manuel told The Guardian that she believed she was fired for reporting a co-worker’s harassment.
Manuel said she had worked at a branch of the fast-food chain for 24 years.

A Mcdonald’s worker in San Jose, California, alleged that she faced retaliation after reporting sexual harassment to the company.

The Guardian first reported the news.

Rosalia Manuel said she was fired from her job of 24 years on July 8, per The Guardian. She says she was told it was because she took a work break at the wrong time, but claims the firing was in retaliation for reporting the sexual harassment of a colleague.

Months earlier, Manuel had reported to corporate HR the continual sexual harassment of a female co-worker by a male colleague who was related to one of the managers, according to The Guardian. The female co-worker said the man touched her inappropriately and once offered to pay her to go to a motel with him, Manuel told The Guardian.

The male worker was removed from the store after the complaint, The Guardian reported, but Manuel told the publication that she thought her manager was angry that she didn’t report it to her.

Manuel said management started to harass her and the female co-worker after the complaint. She told The Guardian that they would write “complaints for any little thing,” until eventually both she and the co-worker were sacked for infractions.

Manuel added: “I was shocked. I went to my car and started to cry because I knew I had done the right thing, yet I was being fired and punished for it.” 

Manuel said she had filed a complaint with the Equal Employment …read more

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What is Elon Musk’s net worth as he jokes about buying Manchester United?

Elon Musk

Only Musk’s shopping list could include Twitter and Manchester United (Picture: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty for The Met Museum/Vogue)

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is never far from the headlines, with bizarre name choices and space exploration plans.

Manchester United news, exclusives and analysis

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His most recent comments involve explaining away a long-running joke about snapping up Premier League side Manchester United from current owners, the Glazer family.

Of course, there was the attempt to purchase Twitter for an eye-watering $44 billion (£34.5 billion) in April 2022 – and the subsequent withdrawal of the hefty bid just months later in July.

Whenever the tech entrepreneur makes the news, or suggests he might make a major purchase, many wonder just how much money Musk is really worth.

Here’s everything you need to know about his wealth.

What is Elon Musk’s net worth?

As founder of Paypal and early investor of Tesla Motors, Forbes estimates Elon Musk’s current net worth to be an astonishing $270 billion (£223 billion) as of August 2022.

This means he could easily buy Manchester United many times over, as it’s valued at around $4.6 billion (£3.7 billion) as of May, according to Forbes.

…read more

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Cruise passengers say airline havoc and lost luggage have left them canceling plans and borrowing clothes from strangers

Cruise passengers are facing the difficult predicament of choosing whether to wait for their luggage, or possibly missing their cruise.

Airlines have been forgetting luggage and sending it to the wrong airports amid a summer of travel chaos.
For cruise-goers who sail between ports, it is a headache for lost luggage to catch up with them.
Insider spoke to five cruise passengers about how their missing baggage affected their trips.

Luggage problems have become a major fixture of air travel in 2022. Thousands of passengers have seen their luggage go missing, taken on the wrong flight, left in the city where they transferred, or forgotten at the airport they flew from.

In many cases, passengers don’t get their luggage until days after they arrive on vacation. For others, it takes much longer, and some still haven’t been reunited with their bags weeks or months after arriving back home.

For cruise-goers, however, missing luggage is causing an even bigger headache.

Insider spoke to five cruise passengers, who said variously that they spent their trips around Europe canceling plans, borrowing clothes from strangers, and struggling to contact their airlines after luggage problems.

Some passengers said they had to choose whether to wait at the airport for information on their luggage or risk missing their cruise boarding time, with one saying that he arrived just as the gangplank was being lifted up.

‘A disaster from start to finish’

“It was a disaster from start to finish,” one passenger, Ed Perry, told Insider.

Perry and his wife had flown with Air Canada from North Carolina for a two-week Viking River Cruise from Amsterdam in the Netherlands to Budapest, Hungary in June. But after facing flight delays and a change of route, as well as having to check their hand luggage in because it was too big, Perry and his wife …read more

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Paraplegic inmate taken to hospital in handcuffs among thousands of prison complaints

Caption: Exclusive: Paraplegic inmate taken to hospital in handcuffs among prison complaints Credit: Getty

Prisoners complained about the use of handcuffs and searches by officers wearing body-worn video cameras (Picture: File image, Getty)

A paraplegic inmate has had a complaint upheld after being handcuffed on journeys from prison to hospital.

The person raised the grievance with the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman after first going through an internal process at a jail.

The ombudsman upheld the complaint, categorised as ‘Escorts’, and carried out mediation, according to newly-released data.

A log reads: ‘Paraplegic prisoner at X has complained about the use of handcuffs when escorted to hospital appointments.’

The complaint is among more than 4,000 recorded across prisons, immigration removal centres and probation regions between July 1, 2021 and June 30 this year.

The figure reflects an increase in the number of grievances received by the ombudsman between 2021 and the previous year.

Other upheld reports included the way a prison dealt with an allegation relating to the use of force by a member of staff named as Officer X.

The watchdog’s investigation led to recommendations being issued, according to the spreadsheets released under the Freedom of Information Act after a request by

Another prisoner complained about two body searches where body worn video camera was used.

One of the incidents was investigated and upheld without recommendations by the ombudsman, which carries out independent investigations into complaints and deaths in custody.

The actions of prison officers were investigated by the ombudsman after complaints by inmates (File image, Getty)

Andrew Neilson, director of campaigns at the Howard League for Penal Reform, said: ‘It should come as no surprise that complaints and grievances are an issue in an overcrowded prison system where people are warehoused in cells and staff are poorly paid and supported, without a clear purpose.

Source:: Metro News

Airbnb accidentally sent a test notification to users around the world

Logo Photo Illustration

Think you’ve had a bad day at the office? Tell that to the software developer that likely sent a ‘testing’ notification to all Airbnb app users around the globe (Credit: Getty)

Did you get an weird notification from Airbnb this morning? If so, you’re not alone.

The firm appears to have accidentally sent a ‘test’ alert to users around the globe, in what software developers suspect was an unfortunate employee blunder.

This kind of notification may well have been intended for a ‘test’ environment, rather than the ‘live’ product. This is a kind of sandbox where developers can try out changes without actually altering the code behind a live app.

Although Airbnb hasn’t yet confirmed exactly why the notification — titled ‘Test’ and containing only the words ‘test dev’ — was issued, social media users made light of the likely error.

Twitter user Tushar Gupta wrote: ‘Dear @airbnb intern, you are testing on production. Take a coffee and start again.’

Dear @Airbnb intern, You are testing on production. Take a coffee and start again.

— Tushar Gupta (@tushar__gupta__) August 17, 2022

Most online comments made light of the likely blunder.

Australian tech commentator Will Richards went as far as pretending he was the poor employee in question. Adding ‘intern at @airbnb’ to his handle, he posted on Twitter: ‘In personal news, proud of my first day interning at Airbnb. We worked on creating notifications today.’

Richards, who writes the ‘Overnight Sucess’ newsletter about start-ups, told Metro: ‘My heart goes out to whoever accidentally pushed out that notification in the live environment,

‘It’s also a tragically wasted opportunity to say something funny to millions of people everywhere.’

Software developers expressed sympathy for whoever was behind the alert.

Startup founder Daniel Habib tweeted: ‘Let’s …read more

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Don’t expect Iran to start pumping more oil any time soon as a nuclear deal remains far off, Goldman warns

Oil prices have fallen, partly on hopes that Iran will soon be pumping more crude.

An Iran nuclear deal that would lead to the country pumping more oil is unlikely any time soon, according to Goldman Sachs.
Goldman said the US and Iran have less of an incentive to strike a deal many think.
Russia and Iran’s relationship is one threat to the deal, the bank said, as Moscow has little interest in lower oil prices.

An Iran nuclear deal that would lead to the country pumping more oil is unlikely to materialize any time soon, according to Goldman Sachs, despite crude prices falling sharply in recent days on hopes of an agreement.

Goldman analysts, including Callum Bruce, said in a note Tuesday that a stalemate is “mutually beneficial” to the US and Iran. They also said Russia and Iran’s growing closeness threatened any deal.

Oil prices have fallen back to levels seen before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in recent days, in part because of signs of progress on the Iranian nuclear talks.

The European Union has led efforts to revive the deal, which limited Iran’s nuclear ambitions in exchange for lifting some sanctions, but which was scrapped by US President Donald Trump. This week, Iran said it was happy to progress with talks along lines proposed by the EU.

But Goldman’s analysts said oil markets had gotten ahead of themselves and that Iran and the US have fewer incentives to sign a deal than is commonly assumed. Russia, a signatory to the original deal, is likely to be an obstacle, they said.

“Russia’s interest in high commodity prices makes their obstruction of a deal more likely, in our view,” the analysts wrote.

“Revived relations between the US and Saudi Arabia also reduce the likelihood of the Biden Administration seeking to obtain additional barrels from …read more

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Chicago Bears Q&A: What will get a deal done with Roquan Smith? What are the chances Teven Jenkins wins the right guard job?

The Chicago Bears are hitting the road for their second preseason game Thursday night against the Seattle Seahawks.

But Brad Biggs’ weekly Bears mailbag leads off — again — with a player who won’t be in uniform, disgruntled linebacker Roquan Smith.

Let’s cut through the drama of the Roquan Smith situation. What really matters right now and how will a deal to keep him with the Bears be done? — Frank, Pittsburgh

What fun would cutting through the drama be? We need the knife of a master chef to slice our way through this. When you boil down this situation, the Bears hold the most leverage and the leverage that really counts. They have Smith under contract this season and also have the franchise tag available for 2023. Smith’s only recourse once the season begins is to withhold his services, and that’s when he would start losing money. He’s not missing out on paychecks now and I doubt the Bears are issuing any fines because that wouldn’t be a productive way to get a deal done with their star linebacker.

If deadlines spur action, the season opener on Sept. 11 is the date to watch. Obviously Smith needs to be on the practice field before then to show the coaches he’s ready to roll. Coach Matt Eberflus indicated that Smith will travel with the team to Seattle for Thursday’s preseason game and that Smith remains “engaged.” That’s a positive sign amid some head-scratching developments, such as a non-NFLPA-certified representative trying to gauge trade interest with other teams on Smith’s behalf. We’ll see which direction this heads, but I believe the Bears hold the upper hand in this negotiation.

Is Teven Jenkins going to wind up winning the right guard job? — Chris V., Palos Heights

The door is open for Jenkins to push for the job. …read more

Source:: The Denver Post

Saudi PhD student sentenced to 34 years in prison for following and retweeting activists

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

A Saudi PhD student was given 34 years in prison for following and retweeting dissidents.
She was accused of aiding people who want to harm national security by following them, per The Guardian.
Rights groups say this is the longest sentence for an activist and could signal greater crackdowns to come.

A Saudi Arabian PhD student was sentenced to 34 years in prison for following and retweeting dissidents and activists on Twitter, The Guardian reported, citing translated court documents.

Salma al-Shehab, 34, was studying at Leeds University in the UK and went home to Saudi Arabia for a vacation in December 2020 when she was questioned by authorities, arrested, and put on trial, The Guardian reported.

Al-Shehab, who is married with two children, was first sentenced to three years for using a website to “cause public unrest and destabilize civil and national security,” The Guardian reported.

But on Monday she was sentenced to more time by an appeals court over the Twitter accounts she followed and retweeted, the report said.

She was given a total 34 years in prison followed by a 34-year travel ban, The Guardian reported.

The Washington Post also reported the sentence, as did the European Saudi Organization for Human Rights and the US-based nonprofit Freedom Initiative.

The translated court documents seen by The Guardian said al-Shehab was accused of “assisting those who seek to cause public unrest and destabilize civil and national security by following their Twitter accounts.”

According to The Guardian, she had retweeted Saudi dissidents who called for political prisoners held in Saudi Arabia to be released. The Post reported that she also advocated for women’s right to drive, a policy that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman allowed in 2018, though activists were still imprisoned.

The Guardian noted …read more

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Man fatally shot while sitting in car in Brighton Park

Sun-Times file photo

A man was shot to death while sitting in a car in Brighton Park on the Southwest Side early Wednesday.

The man, 57, was attacked about 2:20 a.m. in the 3500 block of West Pershing Road, Chicago police said.

He was shot multiple times and was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

No one was in custody.

…read more

Source:: Chicago Sun Times