‘Finally a Republican with a Backbone’: Readers React to Kavanaugh’s Vow to Stand Strong

“Do not give up, sir — this is so evil,” said one person on social media this afternoon.

That was after reading that Judge Brett Kavanaugh (shown above, along with Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California) has vehemently denied the latest allegations lodged against him — and that he is not backing done from his path toward the nation’s highest court.

“Prayers for you, young man,” wrote another.

“This attack on this honorable man and his family is absolutely despicable,” said still another.

On Monday, the nominee sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, saying, in part, that he would “not be intimidated into withdrawing” as President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee by the “grotesque and obvious character assassination” moves launched against him by Democrats, left-wing activists, and liberal media talking heads.

“There is now a frenzy to come up with something — anything — that will block this process and a vote on my confirmation from occurring,” he also wrote in a fiery letter made public late on Monday.

“These are smears, pure and simple. And they debase our public discourse.”

Kavanaugh also vowed that “the coordinated effort to destroy my good name will not drive me out. The vile threats of violence against my family will not drive me out. The last-minute character assassination will not succeed.”

He’s talking about the second accuser who has come forward as of a Sunday night New Yorker article, Deborah Ramirez, who is claiming sexual misconduct against him, along with other uncorroborated claims and allegations that he engaged in additional sexual misconduct years ago when he was a teenager in high school and college.

Here is more reaction from LifeZette readers on social media, in their own words, to Kavanaugh’s Monday afternoon stance:

“Fight back!”

“Good. Stay strong. We are with you and our president.”

“Brett Kavanaugh, I’am very sorry to …read more

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Leftist Celebrities Join ‘National Walkout’ to Protest Kavanaugh

On Monday, countless Hollywood celebrities teamed up with left-wing politicians and organizations like Planned Parenthood, NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) and the Women’s March to promote a “walkout” to show they sided with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. Kavanaugh is accused of groping Ford and attempting to remove her bathing suit at a party 36 years ago, an accusation Kavanaugh has vehemently denied.

Another woman — Deborah Ramirez — also recently came forward to accuse the Supreme Court nominee of sexual misconduct. She told the New Yorker that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a Yale party in the early ’80s.

Notable leftist celebs opposing Kavanaugh include some of the entertainment industry’s most outspoken political figures like Samantha Bee, Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Handler, Debra Messing, and Jane Fonda.

“Women must be heard. Today I am wearing black in solidarity with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford,” wrote “Scandal” star Kerry Washington on Twitter.

“Believe survivors. When women come forward — we show them they are safe. That they are being listened to. No more,” added comedian Chelsea Handler.

Here are some more examples of Hollywood’s activism against Kavanaugh on Monday:

Crowds are gathering at the Capital. We stand in solidarity with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. #BelieveSurvivors #TIMESUP

— Jane Seymour Fonda (@Janefonda) September 24, 2018

#BelieveSurvivors pic.twitter.com/DA5W6isPr7

— Eva Longoria Baston (@EvaLongoria) September 24, 2018

I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

I’ll be joining the nationwide walkout with my sisters and brothers across the country on Monday at 1pmET/10amPT to stand in solidarity with her and survivors everywhere.

Please help me spread the word. #BelieveSurvivors pic.twitter.com/XJdjvHWHzG

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) September 22, 2018

#believesurvivors @TIMESUPNOW pic.twitter.com/EDIWEK3xZV

— Bridget Moynahan (@bridgetmoynahan) September 24, 2018

#BelieveSurviviors pic.twitter.com/cNHXPvTlpO

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Judge Judy Sheindlin on Kavanaugh Accusers: People Are ‘Supposed to Listen to Evidence’

Judge Judy Sheindlin (shown above right) has weighed in on the various sexual misconduct allegations that have been lobbed in the 11th hour against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

She says she hopes people reserve judgment until they hear actual testimony and evidence.

Speaking to TMZ in Beverly Hills, Judge Judy, as she’s known, said, “One hopes that people wait and don’t rush to judgment and listen to both sides of an argument before they make a decision. That’s what’s supposed to happen in a fair judicial process.”

The judge said she thinks that testimony by both Kavanaugh and his accusers about the events in question is the best step forward for the confirmation process.

“There’s always the hope that reasoned people will listen to both sides of an argument before they make a judgment call. That’s what people are supposed to do. They’re not supposed to rush to judgment on either side. They’re supposed to listen to evidence and then make a judgment. And if that doesn’t happen, then the end result is not fair,” she said.

She did not say whether she believes Kavanaugh is innocent or not.

Judge Judy, 75, has been the center of a self-titled reality program for an astonishing 23 seasons and over 6,000 episodes.

During “Judge Judy,” she presides over actual civil suit cases. The program began in 1996 and still runs to this day. Clips from the series often go viral and it remains the most popular courtroom-set reality program.

Though the judge would not render any verdict at this time on whether Kavanaugh is innocent or not, President Donald Trump has made his stance on the matter clear.

“I am with Judge Kavanaugh,” Trump recently wrote on Twitter.

“For people to come out of the woodwork from 36 years ago … and never mentioned it, all of a sudden it …read more

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Trey Gowdy Demolishes CBS Anchor on Kavanaugh Case: ‘Investigate What?’

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.)(pictued above) clashed with CBS anchor John Dickerman during a “Face the Nation” interview over whether or not the FBI should investigate Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a nominee for the Supreme Court, from over 35 years ago.

Early on in the Sunday morning interview, Dickerson said to Gowdy, “This hearing that’s going to happen this week [on Thursday] in the Senate Judiciary Committee — you’ve chaired some pretty high-profile, politically charged hearings. What are the risks involved?”

Gowdy replied, “There’s a risk to either side — that’s not perceived as being fair. I’ve [worked on] sex assault cases, but not since I’ve been in Congress. You have got to be fair to the witness. You have got to give the witness an opportunity to fully answer the question. You need to eschew these five-minute increments that we so often use in Congress.”

He added, “Five minutes is not long enough for anyone to appropriately question either Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh. I am confident the judge — that Sen. [Chuck] Grassley, Chairman Grassley — will run this in a respectful way, but the American people, regardless of whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, expect these witnesses to be treated fairly, and I’m confident that they will be.”

Dickerson then said, “One of the questions that Christine Blasey Ford has said is that she would have liked the FBI to do a kind of neutral fact-finding on this. What do you think about that?”

Gowdy said that even though he’s a “big fan of the FBI,” the agency doesn’t “investigate sex assault cases.”

And so the “first question would be, the FBI to investigate what? There’s no crime scene to process, there’s no forensics to evaluate,” said Gowdy.

He went on to explain why the FBI’s attempts would be futile.

The …read more

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