Kim Zolciak Slams Marlon Wayans for Hurtful “White Chicks” Joke

Kim Zolciak Reaction Image

Marlon Wayans made a joke at Kim Zolciak’s expense.

She hit back at him in the comments.

Is this mean, is this funny, or is it … both?

So, The Real Housewives of Atlanta had its reunion special. As usual, there was drama.

This time, as NeNe Leakes had previously hinted, Kim was at the center of a vortex of criticisms from various Housewives.

(All of this despite having been reduced to a mere Friend of the Housewives!)

You know how sometimes makeup and lighting and a facial expression can have a really unflattering effect on an otherwise attractive person?

There may have been some of that going on with Kim’s look.

And Marlon Wayans could not resist making this joke.

Coupled with a less-than-flattering screenshot of Kim Zolciak from the Reunion Special, he wrote:

“No we are not in production on White Chicks 2. The f–k?!”

White Chicks, of course, was a widely lampooned 2004 comedy about two black male FBI agents who go undercover … as white women.

Part of the running joke for that film was that the two men did not look convincing in their disguises.

The effect of the makeup on their faces made them look more like horrifying androids. There were some uncanny valley elements to their look.

As you can see in this image:

Obviously, comparing an actual white woman to White Chicks was very unkind.

And the 39-year-old reality star thought so, too.

Kim took the comments to share her displeasure with Marlon, writing:

“Was always a super big fan of yours and my kids loved you.”

She continues, and shows a bit of vulnerability.

“This hurts but I guess its all for laughs.”

“You should hope & pray that one day a grown man never takes this kind of dig at the expense of your daughter,” Kim concluded.

That’s sort of odd to say, since his joke didn’t target one of …read more

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Brad Pitt: Dating MARRIED MIT Professor Neri Oxman?!

Brad Pitt Neri Oxman

Despite the constant rumors that he’s back together with Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt is not involved in a flashy A-list romance.

But that doesn’t mean he’s single.

According to Page Six, Brad has been spending an awful lot of time with an MIT professor named Neri Oxman.

Naturally, fans have leapt to the conclusion that Pitt and Oxman are dating.

However, a source close to the actor says the two of them are just friends.

The kind of ridiculously photogenic friends who spend a ton of one-on-one time together and regularly travel great distances just to meet up.

Ya know, totally platonic.

“Yes, Brad has become friendly with Neri Oxman,” the insider tells E! News.

“He thinks she’s brilliant. He’s interested in getting to know her more and learning from her, but they are strictly friends.”

The source adds that Oxman is “not interested in the whole Hollywood scene at all” and clams “some people seem to be exaggerating this into something that doesn’t exist,”

Needless to say, the rep doth protest too much, and we would have had an easier time believing this statement if contained just one denial, not 47.

We kid, of course.

It’s entirely possible that Brad and Neri are just friends, but we’re sort of enamored with the idea of Brad moving on from Angelina Jolie with someone who puts the actress to shame in terms of woke intellectual cred.

Whatever the case, these two have been hanging out at least since November, when Brad dropped by one of her lectures at MIT, much to the delight of the student body.

Interestingly, Neri, an architect by trade, dropped Pitt’s name in a recent TED Talk:

“For the same reason we have the Brad Pitts and the George Clooneys, it’s just part of human nature to idolize stereotypes,” she explained.

“Such singularities are useful to the common …read more

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John David Duggar: Angry at Jim Bob Over Greed & Reckless Spending (Exclusive)

John David Duggar Image

John David Duggar keeps a fairly low profile compared to his more famous siblings.

Unlike so many of his brothers and sisters – including his twin, Jana Duggar – John David seems relatively uninterested in the reality TV spotlight.

The presumption amongst fans has always been that the 28-year-old simply has other ventures to pursue.

John David is a pilot; he does construction and maintenance work on properties owned by his father, and he volunteers with his local police and fire departments.

Without question, the man has a very busy schedule.

But it seems that’s not the only reason that he takes a dim view of parents’ unquenchable thirst for fame.

According to a former employee of the Duggars’ who spoke to The Hollywood Gossip exclusively, John David has emerged as his family’s moral compass in recent years.

Which means that when John David is distancing himself from his parents, fans who are drawn to the Duggars by their wholesome values should pay close attention.

“When John David doesn’t want to be a part of it, then you know that it ain’t right,” says the insider.

“John David is a good guy, and he’s in a good spot. He gets to do what he wants to do.”

And apparently, he he wants to do these days is keep a safe distance between himself and some of his father’s worldly impulses.

“There’s things that Jim Bob does that John doesn’t think are right,” the insider tells us.

“Some of his real estate transactions, some of the equipment that he buys – a lot of this stuff, Jim Bob doesn’t really need, but he thinks he does.”

In the past, we’ve reported on allegations that Jim Bob is a “high-class hoarder” who’s reckless with his finances.

Now, it seems John David has taken issue with his father’s profligate ways, not only because …read more

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Jinger Duggar Reveals Baby Gender: She’s Having a…

The Vuolos

Over the past few weeks, Jinger Duggar has shared numerous updates about the size of her impending baby.

At 20 weeks, it was akin to an artichoke. At 22 weeks, a bell pepper. At 25 weeks, a cauliflower.

But the reality star has now taken a break from comparing her fetus to various kinds of food items and instead shared a different sort of tidbit about the child…

… it’s gender!

Indeed, following months of anticipation by Duggar family fans ever since Jinger and Jeremy Vuolvo announced they were expecting in January, we finally know exactly what they are expecting.

So, which will it be? A boy or a girl?!?!?

Cue a drumroll in your head and scroll immediately down for the answer.

The baby will be a…

… GIRL!!!!!!!!

According to People Magazine, Jinger and Jeremy revealed this piece of news in exciting and unusual fashion:

They set up a relay race in Laredo, Texas and asked it to be completed by friends and family members.

Wait, what? Huh?!? We can explain:

The couple split their loved ones into a pink team and a blue team.

One by one, an individual on each team had to eat a single serve container of ice cream prior to running the obstacle course.

The captain of the first team to finish the race then had the honor of flipping the switch on a “Baby” neon light, revealing the gender, while Jinger and Jeremy sprayed everyone with pink silly string.

That’s, ummm, different.

“We are so happy to announce that we are having a little baby girl!” the TLC personality tell People, adding:

“We could not be more excited and are eagerly anticipating meeting our little lady this summer.

“We especially love thinking forward and realizing that she will have excellent role models in both of her grandmothers, who cannot wait to shower her with love.”

Instagram …read more

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