Amy Roloff Gets Knighted (For Real!), Gets Hated On

Amy Roloff Loves Chris Marek

Just call her… Dame Amy Roloff.

Okay, maybe not.

But Amy Roloff really did go ahead and get herself knighted over the weekend.

How cool is that?!?

The Little People, Big World star shared this unexpected and very exciting news on Instagram along with the photo above and the photo below.

The one above, of course, features Amy and long-time boyfriend Chris Marek.

The one below gives us a glimpse of Roloff receiving this honor, which she explained via caption as follows:

I was so excited and appreciative to be Knighted as an Honorary Rosarian in Portland, along with others, on Friday. It is rich in tradition and history and part of the Portland Rose Festival.

I was happy Chris was there supporting me and Lisa too. A wonderful time.

We did some research on this distinction and this is what it says on the official Portland Rose Festival website about what Roloff is citing in this post:

Since the Royal Rosarians were formed in 1912, dignitaries and persons of accomplishment from around the world have been bestowed Honorary Knighthood in an annual ceremony.

The Mythical Realm of Rosaria Honorary Knighting Ceremony is filled with pageantry dating back more than a century.

Candidates for knighthood are honored as they kneel before the Reigning Rose Festival Queen.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Of course, this is not what every Instagram follow thought or wrote in response.

“Why doesn’t Chris just smile? omg. I feels that he doesn’t love Amy,” one critic actually said in Amy’s comments section, continuing with the mysterious theme of hating Chris and Amy for some reason.

Amy herself has been the subject of mockery, disdain and ridicule for about a year now, with many followers thinking she somehow screwed over ex-husband Matt Roloff.

It’s really not clear why this is the case.

Matt and Amy divorced two years ago.

And Matt is actually the …read more

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Chelsea Houska: Adam Lind is an Irresponsible DICK!

Adam Lind Steroids Photo

So Adam Lind is just the absolute worst, right?

Like, we dare you to come up with a single redeeming quality he has.

And just think, as awful as we know him to be, we’ve only seen a very, very small part of his life on Teen Mom 2.

Imagine how bad it must be to actually know him in real life.

OK, and then on top of that, imagine actually sharing a child with him.

Poor, poor Chelsea Houska …

Chelsea made some poor decisions when she was young and dumb, and while we’re sure she doesn’t regret having Aubree even a little bit, she’s tied to Adam for the rest of her whole entire life.

Adam, who does meth, has multiple arrests for things like domestic violence and DUIs, was once accused of murdering puppies, and who refuses to pay child support for his two daughters.

It’s got to hurt. It just has to.

Adam hasn’t appeared on the past couple of seasons of Teen Mom 2, and in recent years, Chelsea’s been a little more private on the show, but we’ve still heard a bit about him lately.

Last week, we saw them go to court to make it so that Adam could only see Aubree at a visitation center, and also so that Aubree could have “DeBoer” added to her last name.

MTV cameras weren’t allowed in the courtroom, but we did see Chelsea cry from relief after everything was said and done, and we definitely can’t blame her.

Now, in a sneak peek from this week’s episode, we’re seeing that there was actually another matter she and Adam discussed at court that day: child support.

And if you didn’t despise Adam already, well, prepare yourself.

In the beginning, Chelsea explains in a voiceover that she’s in mediation with him because he’s trying to lower …read more

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Neal Boyd Dies; America’s Got Talent Winner Was 42

Neal Boyd

Neal Boyd, the popular opera singer who won America’s Got Talent Season 3, was found dead on Sunday in Sikeston, Missouri.

He was 42 years old.

According to the Scott County Coroner, per E! News, Boyd passed away at his mother’s home at 6:26 p.m. yesterday.

His mom reportedly found him unresponsive and call 911.

Paramedics later arrived on the scene and performed their tests, only pronounce him deceased a short while later.

Having delved into the issue of this artist’s health, E! News reports that Boyd had been seeing numerous doctors over the past few months and week.

He was in heart failure, kidney failure, and had liver disease.

E! also writes that has been cremated.

“Neal was on a CPAP machine and when EMS got there, they put the monitor on him and confirmed he was deceased,” the coroner continued told People Magazine, adding that “Neal had some medical issues.”

Born and raised in Sikeston, Boyd developed his surprising passion for opera music when he was in middle school.

He graduated from high school in 1994 and proceeded to earn a degree in speech communications at Southeast Missouri State University, along with a degree in music at the University of Missouri—Columbia.

In 2009, after coming out on top on America’s Got Talent, Boyd released his debut album, “My American Dream.”

The album debuted at number three on the Top Classical Albums chart.

Boyd also ran for an empty seat in the Missouri House of Representatives as a Republican in 2011 and actually sang the national anthem at the 2012 Republican National Convention as well.

The Scott County Coroner told People that given “the history of his medical condition, there was no reason” to perform an autopsy.

“Like I said, he had a number of health issues, and a lot of that would be attributed to Neil’s weight,” the coroner added.

Tweeted former …read more

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Anderson Cooper Fights Back Tears as He Honors Anthony Bourdain

Anderson cooper fights back tears as he honors anthony bourdain

Anderson Cooper is famous for his infectious laugh. At the same time, when he grieves, audiences cannot help but grieve with him.

Last week, Anthony Bourdain died of suicide. Like so many, Anderson Cooper used this platform to honor his late friend.

We’ve included the video. It is a beautiful tribute to a man who touched so many lives.

on his show’s dedication, Anderson Cooper speaks, and he is clearly still processing this heartbreaking news.

“Many of you, like many of us, are feeling a whole range of emotions: shock, sadness, confusion that a man who was seemingly having the ride of his life in the middle of his life has now suddenly reached the end of his life.”

Folks, celebrities are real people, and they are left just as stunned and wounded from a sudden loss as anyone else.

“It’s hard to imagine he’s gone.”

Anderson waxes poetic a little, but it’s very appropriate under the circumstances.

“[It’s] hard to imagine that he’s not just off on some far away journey, hard to imagine that he’ll not return with new stories to tell, new foods to share.”

Anthony Bourdain went on many trips abroad, to sample new food and the accompanying cultures.

That is just not the case this time.

Anderson Cooper clearly struggles, getting repeatedly choked up, as he discusses his departed friend.

“Honestly, talking about him in the past tense it’s, it’s really — yeah, it’s really hard to — hard to imagine.”


“Anthony loved drinking and eating, tasting the delights of the world immersing himself in other cultures and countries — bringing the rest of us along on his journey.”

And through that, Anthony was able to expose countless Americans to unfamiliar cultures and to educate so many that something being different did not mean that it was frightening or bad.

“It’s impossible from the outside to every fully know …read more

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