Geno Doak: June Shannon’s Boyfriend Just Loves to Break the Law

Geno Doak with June

As previously reported, Geno Doak is in trouble with the law.

As also reported across the Internet and in other avenues, the sky is blue; the Pope is Catholic; and David Eason is a violent homophobe.

In other words: Doak’s recent arrest isn’t exactly a shocking development.

First, a refresher:

Late last week, Doak and long-time girlfriend June Shannon were arrested at a gas station in Alabama.

The details of this apprehension are both unusual and disturbing, as first explained by TMZ.

According to this celebrity gossip website, a 911 call was placed from the aforementioned establishment because Geno was allegedly threatening to murder Shannon, who rose to fame years ago as the mother of former child beauty pageant contestant Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.

“Records list Shannon as the victim in a domestic violence case against Doak, and state she was verbally attacked,” wrote shortly after news of the arrest went viral.

When officers arrived on the scene, they reportedly searched Doak and found a needle on him.

However, Shannon then told these cops that the SUV in which the couple was sitting belonged to her — as did everything inside of it.

And these things ended up being a drug pipe, white powder identified as crack cocaine (which was found in the pocket of June’s jogging suit) and even $1,340 in cash (which was found in Shannon’s bra).

Each half of the semi-famous couple was charged with felony drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia, while Geno received an additional charge of third-degree domestic violence/harassment.

He was also ordered by a judge to stay away from Shannon…

… but the two were spotted together just 24 hours later at a casino.

It all sounds pretty effed up, but little of this ought to come as a surprise to anyone familiar with Geno Doak and his legal record.

The …read more

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Paris Jackson: Terrifying 911 Recording Confirms Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson for Versace

This past weekend it was widely reported that Paris Jackson had attempted suicide.

Insiders confirmed that an ambulance was dispatched to Jackson’s home and that the 20-year-old was briefly hospitalized.

Jackson denied the suicide reports, but newly released 911 recordings confirm that first responders rushed to her home in response to a “psychiatric” emergency.

The recording (posted below) seems to confirm that paramedics were not concerned that Paris’ attempt would result in her death, but there was a need to get her to the nearest hospital immediately.

According to The Blast, Jackson slashed her wrist and lost a “significant” amount of blood.

Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt 911 Call

During the call, Paris is referred to as a “possible VIP.”

“At about 7:28am officers responded to the 7200 block of Hillside for an ambulance attempted suicide,” a police department spokesperson told the Daily Mail.

“The victim was transported to a local hospital.”

Little is known about Paris’ motive in attempting to take her own life, but it’s been widely speculated that the self-harm is related to the ongoing controversy surrounding the recent documentary Leaving Neverland.

The film centers around the child molestation allegations against Paris’ father, the iconic pop star Michael Jackson.

Paris has revealed that she does not believe Michael’s accusers and has refused to watch the film.

Still, the release of Neverland has reportedly triggered a downward spiral that has family and friends deeply concerned for Paris’ health.

Just days prior to her alleged suicide attempt, Paris was spotted drinking heavily and fighting with her boyfriend on the streets of New Orleans.

As with all of the recent indications of a meltdown, Paris has denied that there’s any cause for concern, but photos from the night in question tell a different story.

Paris checked into rehab in January, and fans have been concerned to see that she …read more

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Kristoff St. John Cause of Death: Revealed, Tragic

st john

We have an important update on the sad death of Kristoff St. John.

Over a month since the shocking loss of this soap opera star, the coroner’s office has released its official autopsy results, alerting the public to the reason St. John passed away back on February 3.

This coroner’s report has listed the cause of death as “hypertrophic heart disease” with “effects of ethanol” cited as another significant condition.

The document also deems the death accidental and says other conditions contributing, but not related to the immediate cause of death, included myocardial bridging of the left anterior descending coronary artery and the effects of ethanol.

The 52-year-old – best known for his long-running role on The Young and the Restless – was found dead in his home in the neighborhood of Woodland Hills about six years ago.

It was believed at the time that an excess of alcohol consumption had played a role in this tragedy… but the cause of his death was deferred by the Los Angeles County Coroner until an “additional investigation” was finished.

St. John’s passing came more than four years after his son, Julian, died by suicide following treatment for mental health issues.

In November of 2017, meanwhile, St. John opened up about his own mental health struggles after being hospitalized and undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

“To all of mi [sic] IG peeps. Thanks for throwing out a life preserver,” he wrote on Instagram about a year and a half ago, adding:

“Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel to have so much love that you bathe me in…anoint me with…cloak me with. I am humbled.”

He added:

“Life is precious. I look forward to continuing this journey together with all of you…us. Because at the end of the day, at the magic hour, we are warmed with an all knowing presence of …read more

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Kailyn Lowry: I Need a Breast Reduction! They Make Me Look Fat!

Kailyn Lowry: Topless on Twitter

Kailyn Lowry is going under the knife, again!

The Teen Mom 2 star has always been pretty open with her fans on social media, and on Monday Kailyn took to Twitter to reveal that she will be getting a breast reduction surgery.

“Just met with the doctor for my reduction you guys!!!” she tweeted.

She explained that she wants to go down a few bra sizes, insisting her body would look slimmer and just more proportionate.

Kail has already met with a plastic surgeon and is ready to do something about her 36DDD sized bra.

“Honestly, I think my huge boobs make me look bigger than I am,” she wrote.

“Certain clothes [don’t] lay right. I’m already a big girl and my boobs don’t help that situation.”

As fans of the mother of three may remember, she has considered getting the reduction before but backed out.

Back in January of 2018, she told her followers in a post: “I won’t lie to y’all, i came to Miami for lipo [and] a boob job.”

“But hours before my surgery i decided i don’t want to go through with it,” she explained.

It sounds like she has since had time to think over her options, deciding to go forward with the reduction after all.

Many girls turn to breast reductions due to back pain or health issues and Kailyn explained her similar issues last summer on her Coffee Convos podcast saying, “They’re massive! It weighs me down. I already have bad posture and my boobs add to it.”

Her plastic surgery announcement came days after she posted an empowering nude photo to her Instagram for her 27th birthday on March 14.

“27 and feelin’ myself,” she wrote for the caption.

The MTV celebrity has frequently posted about going to the gym over the past few …read more

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