Wendy Williams: I Was Groped By My “Worst Guest Ever”

Wendy Williams in Shock

Wendy Williams passed along a very personal message on television this week:

Me. Too.

The talk show host told viewers that she, too, has been the victim of sexual harassment.

Moreover, it happened live in front of her studio audience.

During Monday’s episode of her program, Williams brought up the allegations against Charlie Rose and then began to recount her own unwanted experience with an unnamed guest.

“My worst guest? I’m not going to name, but I can tell you this – it had to do with some groping.

“You all saw it, but didn’t say a word and I felt it and I didn’t say a word,” she recalled.

“My staff saw it and that guest will never be here anymore. He’s not relevant anyway.”

As mentioned above, Williams did not name this aggressive guest.

But she did drop some clues as to his identity.

He was a short comedian, she explained, who appeared on the program in either her second or third season.

While Williams assured her fans she would “feel very comfortable in pushing a man through my glass coffee table if anything gets seedy” today, that was a different time.

She had not yet established herself.

She was still new on the small screen and didn’t really know how to react in the moment, especially considering the cameras were rolling.

“I didn’t know what to do because I’m brand new on TV,” Wendy said, laughing a bit:

“Then, after the hug, he looked up at me. He goes, ‘Oh, you’re not Oprah [Winfrey].’

“I didn’t know how to take that and the whole interview was just weird and I just would never have him here again and I am two seconds away from saying his name, but it’s not worth it.”

No need, Wendy.

Astute Internet users have dug up this photo of Gilbert Gottfried from 2011:

A short comedian?

Not relevant any longer?

Has …read more

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Amber Portwood: Matt Baier is Driving Me NUTS!!!

Amber portwood matt baier is driving me nuts

The new season of Teen Mom OG is almost here! And that means another glimpse into the everyday life of “production puppet” Amber Portwood.

We know how things go for Amber — she ends up pregnant with her second child, and not by Matt Baier. Their engagement is over.

But it won’t be until we actually watch Season 7 that we see exactly how she got to where she is. But here’s a sneak peek into Amber and Matt’s crumbling relationship.

Whether you need to set your DVRs or you just watch Teen Mom OG online, folks, the new season is nearly upon us.

That means a lot.

Big highlights are going to include seeing Farrah Abraham get up to her usual nonsense … in what might be her final season.

Remember, Farrah Abraham announced that MTV had fired her over her sex work.

Other reports suggested that perhaps the real problem was that no one likes Farrah.

Farrah walked it back later, saying that she had learned that she was not fired, but … we don’t know what to make of all of that.

Farrah isn’t exactly considered to be a reliable source.

Regardless, we don’t know if we’ll see her on MTV again or not, so we’ll have to “treasure” these last moments with Farrah.

(Or maybe just plan a party for her final episode)

But let’s not allow that to distract us from Amber Portwood.

Remember, she goes from an engagement to Matt Baier to seeing a new man — Andrew Glennon.

Who is also her baby daddy.

So we’re eager to see every step that she took in going from point A to point B.

In the clip below, Amber Portwood is struggling in her relationship with Matt Baier.

And she’s clearly stressing about things.

Between a need to pamper herself a little and the realities of being a celebrity …read more

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To Hell With the Witch-Hunt Debate

One of the principle pleasures of Mad Men, on rich display beginning with the pilot episode, was looking at all of the crazy things people used to be able to do in offices: smoke, drink, and—if they were male—grope and corner and sexually humiliate the women, who could either put up with it or quit.

It’s just about impossible to imagine someone lighting a cigarette in today’s hyper-sanitized workplace; anyone with liquor on his or her breath at midday is usually targeted as a massive loser or frog-marched to human resources. But to look at the shocking and ever-growing list of prominent men recently and credibly accused of acts ranging from sexual harassment to violent rape is to realize that abhorrent treatment of women is alive and well in many American workplaces.

Every day seems to add another man to the list, and precious few of them have flatly denied the accusations. The strangled, vague, blanket apology—intended not to rile up any other potential accusers, leaving plenty of maneuvering room if the charges end up in court—has become an art form.

How many women will find some kind of justice for terrible things that have happened to them at work? And how many women won’t ever have to face such things because of this profound episode? We don’t know the answer to either question, but we do know this: There is a gathering sense that all of this has just gone too far. It was fine in the beginning, when a handful of Hollywood monsters were brought to account. But as the tide keeps roaring onto the beach, depositing flotsam of all kinds, the sentiment has begun to turn. It seems that this is just too many women saying too many things about what …read more

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Adam Levine: Slammed for Naked Time with Daughter!

Adam Levine, Favorite Glasses Selfie

When it comes to parent-shaming, some parents get scolded for the color scheme of their house or when they stop breastfeeding. Other parents get visits by social workers.

Behati Prinsloo shared this photo of Adam Levine and the couple’s daughter, Dusty Rose. And, well, they’re both very, very naked.

So, yeah, fans in the comments are absolutely outraged.

Adam Levine has admitted to not knowing what he’s doing when it comes to parenting — which is pretty common, especially with first-time parents.

It may be that he and Prinsloo don’t quite know how to predict how people will react to things.

Prinsloo shared the photo below, censoring the butts with peach emojis.

(Instagram allows butts, but posting your child’s butt is weird and we’re guessing that Adam Levine didn’t feel like broadcasting his booty)

Now, to be clear, not every reaction was negative.

In fact, the first few were just … thirsty.

“How many people have tried to zoom into the reflection to see Adam’s [eggplant emoji].”

No, you cannot see Adam Levine’s penis by zooming in. But you get points for trying.

Here’s the photo:

As you can imagine, the controversy has less to do with Adam Levine himself as the fact that he’s very naked beside his child.

“‘I’m so confused, everyone is saying #goals…. but I find this very disturbing, like is his man junk all out in front of his daughter.”

Different cultures have different societal norms, but between the incest taboo and increasing awareness of sexual predators, a lot of parents avoid being naked around their children.

Some commenters got into arguments with more supportive fans:

“Do you have a picture like this with your father? It’s disturbing and that’s my opinion so hop all the way off.”

This next commenter didn’t focus so much on Levine’s daughter as on Levine being praised:

“Just because he is a man everyone will …read more

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