Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Will Sofia Richie Appear On The Show?!

Sofia Richie, Pre-Summer Selfie

With the 16th season of Keeping up With the Kardashians right around the corner, a lot of fans are wondering if Scott Disick’s girlfriend, Sofia Richie, will make an appearance.

Well, don’t get your hopes up.

The 20-year-old model told US Weekly that she will not be participating in the new season of the E! reality show.

“Not that I’m against it, [but]] I’m just very private,” she explained on Valentine’s Day while celebrating with Scott at the Sugar Factory in San Diego.

While Scott is still going to be an active castmember on KUWTK, he is also in the process of creating his own E! reality series.

Keeping Up with Scott and Sofia?

We wish. The show is actually not going to be about his intriguing love life, but rather about Scott’s new passion.

Which is flipping houses, apparently.

“It will probably come out next year, and it’s basically about me doing things that I’m interested in, which is buying and selling properties,” Disick told People recently while in Las Vegas.

So will we see Sofia in this HGTV-inspired show?

“Oh, God no, he’s the expert,” she told US. “I might put in my two-cents but he’s the expert.”

Reality TV is clearly a big part of Disick’s life, seeing how KUWTK made him and ex-girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian famous.

But he isn’t trying to pressure his current girlfriend into being involved.

“Everyone has their own choices and nobody should have to do anything they don’t want to do…it’s her choice.”

A source told US last month that the couple is “extremely serious” about each other. Though they are in no rush to put a ring on it.

In fact, “it’s more likely that she gets pregnant before getting engaged,” shared the insider.

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Mariah Brown, Audrey Kriss Photo

Surprise, surprise!

Congratulations are in order for the Brown family!

Because Mariah is engaged!!!

Did we trick you?

Did you think that Kody was adding yet another wife to his arsenal, or that perhaps Meri had had enough and found another man?

Sorry, it’s nothing that dramatic.

But it sure is adorable!

Mariah is the only child of Meri and Kody — Meri was unable to have anymore children.

A couple of years ago, Mariah told her family that she was gay, and although they struggled with the news a bit at first, they’ve become very accepting.

They even liked Audrey the first time Mariah brought her home to meet them, which was nice, because she was definitely nervous about it.

It’s also nice that they like her since, you know, they’re getting married.

The two ladies met while attending Westminster College in Salt Lake City, and Mariah has said that she had a crush on Audrey before she even came out.

They moved to Chicago together last year, and they really do seem to be ridiculously in love.

And at the Women’s March last month in Washington D.C., Mariah popped the question.

She gave an interview to People about the big news, and she explained that she chose to the location because “We had just started dating when we came for the first time two years ago and it was such a special time for us that I wanted to propose there.”

She said that she “can’t exactly pinpoint” the moment she knew Audrey was the one, “but it was pretty early on.”

“There are a lot of things about Audge that I am so in love with and I knew that I wanted to love those things for the rest of my life,” she gushed.

“She made me a better person and continues to make me a …read more

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Jake Harris, Ex-Deadliest Catch Star, Arrested for Felony Drug Possession

harris, j

Jake Harris is in major trouble with the law.

The former Deadliest Catch star was arrested on January 23 for felony DUI and drug possession, as reported by TMZ.

Details are still coming in, but this is what we know so far about the incident…

It took place in Skagit County, Washington where police say the 33-year-old refused to identify himself to park rangers, after they tried pulling him over.

In response to this attempt, Harris took off with his RV, prompting state troopers to turn on their sirens chase him down and force him down.

Once they managed to do so, the legal problems only became worse for Harris.

Authorities say the troopers noticed signs of drug use on the ex-reality star, most prominently pinpoint pupils, bloodshot eyes and a pale face.

They also say he was jittery, unable to stand still and just shaking the whole time – while also talking very quickly.

As if these signs were not sufficient evidence, a K-9 alerted cops to drugs in the RV.

From here, once again, it got even worse…

Police allegedly discovered a half ounce of heroin and other paraphernalia associated with the selling of drugs.

Moreover, they found a shotgun Harris claims he purchased from someone for $150 and a “ball” of heroin… which was stolen.

Harris He was arrested and charged with four felonies:

1. DUI.

2. Possession of a controlled substance,

3. Maintaining a vehicle or premises for drug trafficking.

4. Possession of a stolen firearm.

Heck, Harris was even driving on a suspended license.

Harris was skipper of the Cornelia Marie prior to leaving Deadliest Catch in 2012.

His struggled with drugs over the years have been well-noted and publicized, never more so when he was nearly beaten to death in November of 2016.

According to local Washington officers at the time, Harris got into a car with multiple individuals… and was thrown out …read more

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Khloe Kardashian Finally DUMPS Tristan Thompson!

Khloe and Tristan's Thanksgiving

Well, it only took 10 months, but Khloe Kardashian has finally come to her senses.

According to a report published today by Radar Online, Khloe has broken up with Tristan Thompson, the NBA star who was caught cheating on her while she was pregnant with his child.

“They are done — for good,” a family insider tells the site.

“Khloe began to see what everyone else had been seeing for months: that he doesn’t deserve her.”

Fans noticed that Tristan and Khloe seemed to be spending very little time with another in 2019 — and it seems there was good reason for that.

“Khloe suspected he had cheated on her during the holidays, and that was when she decided to remain in Los Angeles with True,” the source claims.

The tipster adds that Khloe is not terribly upset about the breakup, as motherhood is her dream come true and takes up 100 percent of her focus.

“Her only priority is True,” says the insider.

Fans began to suspect that something was amiss when Khloe spent Valentine’s day alone.

The very next day, she posted a cryptic message to Instagram that led many fans to believe she’d kicked Tristan to the curb.

“Shout out to every woman who is trying to heal from things they can’t talk about,” Khloe wrote on her Instagram story.

“Sometimes God breaks your heart to save your soul.”

The informant says Khloe has a very good reason for giving Tristan a second chance, and she’s not keeping it a secret any longer:

“She is out of the fog, and blaming it on baby hormones,” the insider explains.

“She sees the situation for what it is.”

Yes, it may have been easy for all the outsiders urging her to give Tristan the boot, but the situation was a bit more complicated for Khloe herself.

As …read more

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