Married at First Sight: Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson Finalize Divorce

Embrace for Mia

Late this summer, we reported that it’s over for Married at first Sight couple Tristan Thompson and Mia Bally.

These two had a contentious relationship on screen.

But their divorce has happened surprisingly quickly — and has now been finalized.

RadarOnline reports that the at-first-sight marriage between Mia Bally and (the other) Tristan Thompson is over.


According to court documents obtained from the Dallas County District Court, the hearing to finalize their divorce took place on November 5.

Mia Bally was reportedly present and agreed to the terms of the Final Decree of Divorce.

Tristan was not present at the time, but documents indicate that he also agreed to the terms.

The court documents read: “It is ordered that the Petitioner and Respondent are divorced.”

Mia Bally has what the court considers to be her sole separate property.

That includes the reciept of certain property, money, and vehicles — among other things.

Tristan has agreed to give her his interest in those properties.

By agreeing to this Final Decree, he has agreed to sign any documents required to surrender ownership of that property to her.

Mia has to do the same for Tristan, who will also get ana llotment of property, money, and vehicles as his sole personal property.

One of those pieces of property is his 2015 BMW.

They are each expected to pay any all taxes, bills, liens on any of their respective sole property, both now and in the future.

(In other words, Mia isn’t liable if Tristan owes, say, a tax payment on his BMW)

Also, Mia’s maiden name has been restored.

Name changes can be a tremendous hassle, to the point where some people don’t even change them when they get divorced.

But for many, it feels worth it.

All things considered, this has been a very speedy divorce process.

Mia filed for divorce from Tristan on September 4, …read more

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A Rare, Intimate Look Into the Making of The White Album

If The White Album were a concept album, the concept would be this: The world’s greatest four-piece, comprising two geniuses, one great and searching songwriter, and a magical melancholy drummer-clown, is breaking up—it just doesn’t know it yet.

Mid-1968: The Beatles, newly returned from their trip to the Maharishi’s meditation commune in Rishikesh, India, are in an undirected and febrile state. Brian Epstein, manager and whipcracker, is dead. At Abbey Road, where they have the run of the studio, a combination of loosey-goosey late-night scheduling, wild productivity, and increasingly fussy recording habits (99 takes of a George Harrison song—never to be used, in the end—called “Not Guilty”) has worn out their greatest musical ally, their supreme editor and controller of quality, producer George Martin. And band telepathy is out of whack: John has fallen ego-dissolvingly in love with Yoko, who goes everywhere with him.

[Read: How The Beatles wrote “A Day in the Life”]

So after the noospheric jackpot, the global love-ripple that was Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and the misfire of Magical Mystery Tour (both highly imagined, overtly conceptualized, McCartney-determined projects), The Beatles. Or The White Album, as the world knows it. Thirty songs pulling in 20 different directions, multi-polar, spiking and troughing, inventing genres or exhausting them, earthy, heavenly, now dazzled by clear light, now plunging willfully into chaos and carnality.

“Long, Long, Long” is George’s waltz with God, murmuring almost shapelessly upward out of an abyss of yearning—of longing—towards the awesome punctuation of Ringo’s drum-fills. John’s “Yer Blues” is cosmic gutbucket, arch primitivism, an ironic howl from the floor of the universe: “In the morning / Wanna die / In the evening / Wanna DIE.” Paul, more protean than ever, is at once the immaculate primping formalist of “Martha, My Dear,” widening his eyes at the keyboard, …read more

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Catelynn Lowell SLAMS Farrah Abraham: Grow a Pair and Get Beaten!

Farrah Abraham Is Rendered Speechless

By now, you’ve probably heard the unfortunate news about Farrah Abraham.

And no, we’re not talking about the fact that she’s still just as miserable as ever.

We’re talking about that big boxing match for charity that was supposed to go down tomorrow night in Atlantic City.

It’s still going on … just without Farrah.

Everybody’s favorite former Teen Mom backed out of the fight last week because she felt like the people who organized the fight screwed her over.

Farrah — dear, sweet, delusional Farrah — believed that the promoter had promised her several plane tickets and hotel rooms for friends coming in to see her go up against her opponent, Hoopz from Flavor of Love.

When she figured out that that was dumb and wouldn’t be happening, she refused to fight.

It’s this whole big thing, and she could be facing a lawsuit for breaking her contract.

But still, the show is going on, with Mob Wives star Natalie DiDonato taking Farrah’s place.

And it turns out that some people are disappointed in that change of plans.

People like Farrah’s former Teen Mom OG co-star, Catelynn Lowell.

Catelynn hopped on Instagram yesterday to share a text post about the fight, and she wrote the following:

“Going to Atlantic City was supposed to see Farrah get laid the hell out by Hoopz thennn she dropped out! Still going to support our girl Hoopz tho!”

She also threw in the hashtags “scared sissy” and “grow a pair,” because apparently she’s still in the sixth grade.

Pretty embarrassing, right?

Catelynn is 26 years old, and no matter how much she dislikes someone, you sort of hope that by your mid twenties, you’ve outgrown this kind of immature behavior.

Like, just imagine getting on Instagram and seeing someone you know taunt a former coworker like this.

It’s just not great.

Lots of other people …read more

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Amber Portwood Is Being Bullied By MTV!!! (According to Her Boyfriend)

Amber portwood with andrew glennon

Earlier this week, Amber Portwood “quit” Teen Mom OG.

And by that, we mean she took to social media to whine about the world’s cushiest six-figure job, but never actually tendered her resignation.

She was bluffing, seemingly in hopes that her bosses would offer her the world in order to convince her to stay.

It didn’t work, and now, Portwood is pulling out all the stops by having her long-suffering boyfriend speak out on her behalf.

Here’s what we currently know about this increasingly bizarre situation:

1. Andrew’s Burden

Andrew Glennon seems like a decently mild-mannered guy, but that sort of demeanor doesn’t fly in Amber’s world.

2. Amber’s Rage

Amber is almost as prone to outbursts of rage as her Teen Mom 2 counterpart, Jenelle Evans.

3. The Man For the Job?

And she’s made it clear that she needs a man who will rant and rave right along with her.

4. Doing His Best

Andrew? Well, he’s not quite up to the task, but he’s trying.

5. Rushing to Amber’s Defense

“MTV silences her voice, oppresses her story, and manipulates footage to constantly cast her in a bad light,” Glennon told OK! magazine following his baby mama’s latest outburst.

6. Is She REALLY Done With the Show?

Andrew didn’t answer any questions about whether or not Amber is actually planning to quit the series that made her famous.

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