Shannon Beador SLAMMED by David’s Girlfriend for “Bashing” Him

Shannon beador and david beador picture

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador went through a messy, acrimonious divorce this year.

Her ex, David Beador, has been dating girlfriend Lesley Cook for almost one year.

(In fact, some believe that David and Lesley became engaged on their vacation to Greece)

In an appearance on part of this season’s reunion special, Shannon was clearly unhappy with David for how he had portrayed her during the divorce.

On Monday, December 10, Lesley rose to David’s defense and took to Instagram to put Shannon on blast.

She says that, when Shannon criticizes David, she does more harm than she realizes to innocent parties.

Does she have a point? Take a look:

1. Shannon Beador mentioned her ex at the reunion

She slammed him for portraying her as a “crazy” alcoholic during their divorce. Their split was deeply contentious.

2. Lesley Cook rushed to David’s defense

“Hate to go here but I am,” Lesley begins on Instagram. “My kids & I have been shown nothing but love by David for almost a year”

3. Lesley heaped praise on David

“The man is so crazy kind and loving,” Lesley says. “He works his ass off and does everything he can to provide and take care of everyone in his family.”

4. She hates to see him insulted

Lesley insists that “he doesn’t deserve to be bashed on national television over and over again.”

5. Lesley says Shannon should think of the children

“Children are involved and I couldn’t imagine bashing my children’s father ever,” Lesley says. “My ex and I have our differences but after all, he is and always will be their father.”

6. Lesley wants peace

“Time to put egos to the side and move forward for everyone,” Lesley insists. “Children need a mom & dad.”

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta EXCLUSIVE: Will Tanya Sam Stick Around?

Tanya Sam Picture

Tanya Sam is a brand new face on one of television’s oldest shows.

The director of partnerships at TechSquare Labs, a technology startup hub and venture capital fund, this good friend of NeNe Leakes’ first appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta last month.

For how long will she be sticking around the franchise?

Who among the regular cast does she like best?

And what has it been like to be among these famous (and occasionally cantankerous) Housewives?

We sat down with Sam for the following exclusie Q&A…

How did her friendship with Nene come about?

I would pop into Nene’s store every now and again and we became friends. She introduced me to the other girls and here we are!

What can we expect from this new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

This season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been an exciting ride. We have done it all together. We’ve traveled, laughed, cried and grown some amazing friendships.

This is like any other family, there are some good days and bad days.

Or with this group, some days are sunny but some days are SHADY.

Who does she get along with best on the show? Least?

I like all the ladies! I have spent months and months getting to know them. Nene has been great at helping me learn the ropes on the show.

Kandi is a business boss that I respect a lot. She has offered some great advice around how to balance business, relationship and filming the show.

I definitely knock heads with some of the girls at times but like any sisterhood that happens.

I tend to forgive small things quickly and move on. I love peace and kumbaya more than anything but don’t sleep on Canadians, we bite if we half to.

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Joy-Anna Duggar FINALLY Addresses Pregnancy Rumors!

Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar on Guy Fawkes Day

It’s been less than a year since Joy-Anna Duggar welcomed her first child, but fans are convinced she already has another bun in the oven.

Adding to the speculation is the fact that for months, there was no official response to the Joy-Anny pregnancy rumors.

Joy didn’t respond herself, and no one in her family had anything to say.

It was one of those situations in which many felt that Joy’s silence spoke volumes.

Surely, if she wasn’t actually pregnant, she would just speak up and set the record straight, right?

Well, not necessarily.

The Duggars generally keep mum on these types of rumors for a number of reasons.

For one thing, they tend to favor a “don’t feed the trolls” approach to coping with internet rumors and criticism.

On top of that, such rumors can be good for ratings — particularly when they help to create an aura of mystery.

So that may be why Joy has yet to issue a statement on whether or not she’s pregnant:

As it is, fans may have to wait until the next new episode of Counting On to find out if she has any big news.

Rather than clearing the air with a definitive statement, Joy has further piqued fans’ curiosity with this photo:

What exactly is going on here?

Well, that’s a surprisingly difficult question to answer.

We know that this pic was taken at the Duggars’ annual ugly Christmas sweater party.

But fans aren’t all that interested in Joy and Austin Forsyth’s garish patterns — instead, they want to know what’s going on underneath those sweaters.

Clearly, Austin is rocking some extra padding for the sake of comedy, but it’s a little less clear what’s happening with Joy.

Some fans think they detect a baby bump.

Others feel that those fans are falling victim to an optical illusion or being overly critical …read more

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Kailyn Lowry Talks Business, Desire to Punch Farrah Abraham

Kailyn lowry looks pretty

Kailyn Lowry is a fan-favorite in the Teen Mom franchise for a reason.

It’s not just that she’s real or that she’s a little bit of a mess but manages to ace that whole co-parenting thing.

She’s also a good person who’s trying her best.

In a new interview with TooFab, Kailyn is opening up about what inspired her business and expanding upon her future plans.

She also shares exactly why she’s so eager to face Farrah Abraham in a fight.

1. First, Kailyn talks about her Pothead product line

“I wanted to get into hair products for a while but I wanted to differentiate my company from other products,” Kail tells TooFab.

2. Then, she thought of a way to make it stand out

“So,” Kailyn explains. “Knowing some of the benefits of CBD oil, I thought merging the two was perfect.”

3. Did she realize how many opportunities Teen Mom would bring her?

“No!” Kail answers. “Even with the network and contacts I’ll start doing something like writing or starting hair products and I’ll think to myself, ‘Will this actually happen?’ It’s all still so surreal to me.”

4. She doesn’t take it for granted

“I’m so thankful,” Kailyn says. “And hope the boys will benefit from it one day.”

5. Is she planning any new business ventures?

“I think I’m set for now,” Kail says. “I want to focus on growing my hair line and podcast.”

6. How many years does she plan to say with Teen Mom?

“I have as many years as it’ll take me or until Pothead takes off,” Kailyn replies with a wink.

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