Christine and the Queens Make the Gender Revolution Hummable

As the number of prominent LGBTQ pop figures multiply, what might have seemed like an uncontroversial hypothesis has been proven bountifully: There is not one “queer sound,” nor even one “queer approach.” Certain radical dreamers might hope that singers who challenge social norms also challenge aesthetic ones, and you can indeed hear such rebellions in the cacophonous sugar highs of the electronic producer Sophie, the friendly funk admixtures of Janelle Monáe, and the smoldering genre crater that is Frank Ocean. But the march of acceptance also allows for performers with unconventional identities to thrive with conventional sounds, as heard for example in the soft exertions of Troye Sivan or the factory-made bounce of Kim Petras.

France’s Héloïse Letissier, who records as Christine and the Queens, presents herself as radical: She speaks in interviews not only about deconstructing gender, but also about being a misfit in music. On stage, she sometimes picks up a bouquet and announces that the flowers are Beyoncé and Rihanna while she’s just the greenery. “I’m pop music’s weird cousin,” she said to NPR, explaining the bit. Her band name arose from an affiliation with a troupe of London drag queens, and her new album, Chris, sees her unveiling a brazen butch persona. “I am done with belonging,” she sings on the opening song.

Yet Letissier’s music, pristinely hummable renderings of familiar synth pop sounds, belongs just fine. The broad likability of her 2014 debut album earned her bestselling celebrity status in Europe, and she’s also been steadily building an audience in the United States. On Chris, the bustling grooves and yelpy choruses recall not only primal touchstones like Madonna, Depeche Mode, and Janet and Michael Jackson, but also latter-day updaters of those artists: Haim, La Roux, Carly Rae Jepsen. Anyone interested in …read more

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Jersey Shore Recap: Lawyering Up and Busting Out

shore guys

On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, one key cast member spent a lot of time away from his fellow stars…

… while another took things a step further and decided to spend no time at all with anyone moving forward.

We’ll start with Ronnie, who met with an attorney and discussed his custody options, considering he’s now a father of a little girl named Ariana — and considering the violent tension that exists between him and her mother, Jen Harley.

“Everything that’s going on with Jen is just driving me crazy,” he said at one point, adding:

“They say if things aren’t good at home, then things aren’t going to be good in life.

“Me and Jen, we’re going to be involved in each other’s lives forever, so we may be toxic forever.”

To Ronnie’s credit, he didn’t spend this episode drinking or lifting or partying with his pals.

He spent a bulk of it in an attorney’s office.

“I have to make a change for my daughter,” he explained.

“I have to put a stop to this for Ariana, something has to be done so she has stability and foundation. That’s why we need some kind of guidelines, to make sure that she’s all right at the end of the day.”

Indeed, Ronnie and Jen have trashed each other incessantly on social media over the past few months, while getting into multiple physical altercations.

“I’m super proud of Ron,” Snooki told the camera. “He’s growing up and he’s adulting and he’s figuring out how to handle situations better.”

Of course, Snooki herself could have taken some of her own advice this week, as she was featured in a storyline about her best friendship with JWOWW basically falling apart.

After days of mounting tension between the BFFs – because Snooki had invited Angelina to Vegas without telling JWOOW – Jenni …read more

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Big Brother Recap: And the Final 3 Are…

Julie Chen Moonves

With a few days left of Big Brother Season 20, Thursday’s episode was all about taking one houseguest out of the equation and leaving us with the final three.

The episode picked up with JC’s HOH win, and Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler worried about their future in the game for the first time in a while.

The trio has been winning most of the competitions of late, with JC mostly sitting on the shadows without being ruled a threat.

JC has been manipulating most of the houseguests for a while now, but he knew that Tyler was conspiring against him when he refused to target Angela or Kaycee for eviction.

That’s what made his late win so interesting. What would he do to secure his place in the final two?

In a satisfying nominations ceremony, JC nominated both Angela and Tyler for eviction, meaning there was a huge chance the couple would be split up ahead of the season finale.

JC’s reasoning that Angela made him feel left out during her most recent HOH reign made sense. He was mostly left out of conversations.

He noted that he was so close to Angela at the beginning of the game, but their friendship fizzled out as the summer drew on.

As for Tyler, JC was unimpressed with the way Tyler treated him, primarily because they were supposed to be in an alliance.

The final veto competition of the summer was the most difficult. The houseguests had to move a ball into a “like” or “dislike” hole based upon the question.

But the Queen of the POV aka Kaycee secured her fifth veto win of the summer. Yes, really. With that, it meant that she got to decide out of Tyler and Angela who would be getting sent home.

Before …read more

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Kailyn Lowry to Fans: STFU About My Kids!

Kailyn lowry and three sons family photo

Like most of her Teen Mom 2 co-stars, Kailyn Lowry enjoys interacting with fans and has no problem sharing details of her personal life on social media.

But she’d like to make it perfectly clear that just because she’s a public figure, that doesn’t mean everyone is free to say whatever they’d like about her family.

Sure, Kail’s kids are frequently featured on TV, but when discussing celebs in a public forum, the proper etiquette is to observe Mafia war rules and leave the kids out of it.

Apparently, some of Lowry’s fans need a lesson in manners — and it seems she’s more than happy to give them exactly that …

1. The Happy Family

Kail is proud of her adorable kids, and for good reason. For the most part, fans who comment on her family photos are effusive in their praise.

2. A Photogenic Bunch

Even TM2 viewers who take issue with Kailyn’s parenting style are generally in agreement that she and her baby daddies have created some cute kids.

3. The Dark Side of the ‘Gram

Of course, this is the internet in 2018, which means if there’s any possible way to be a douche bag in a given scenario, some idiot will come along and take full advantage of it.

4. A New Low

Some of Kail’s followers have sunk to deplorable new depths by criticizing the appearance of her youngest son, 1-year-old Lux.

5. People Are the Worst

And what is it that these morons have an issue with? Well, apparently they believe that there’s something wrong with Lux’s legs.

6. Kail Claps Back

Not surprisingly, Kail was not too happy about internet strangers throwing shade at a 1-year-old. What IS surprising is how many people gave her flak for defending her kids …

View Slideshow …read more

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