Target drive-up workers say app ‘double-tapper’ customers are a daily source of chaos and disruption as they try to meet tight fulfillment deadlines

Drive-up “double-tappers” can set off a ripple effect that lasts long after they’ve driven off with their order.

Target’s drive-up order pickup is an increasingly popular option for busy shoppers.
Some customers neglect to notify the fulfillment team that they are en route until they’ve already arrived.
The dreaded “double-tap” sets off a scramble to get an order out the door and can cause other delays.

It’s the digital equivalent of cutting in line, but unlike real-world queue-hopping, most people would never realize they’re doing it.

The digital line being cut is made of Target Circle users whose orders are being prepared for drive-up fulfillment at one of thousands of stores that offer the service across the US.

In what Target workers tell Insider is at least a daily occurrence, a customer will arrive at the store before signaling in the app that they are en route and then tapping “I’m on my way” and  “I’m here” in rapid succession.

Whether they’re aware of it or not, these “double-tappers” can set off a ripple effect that lasts long after they’ve driven off with their order. And while this only occurs in a small percentage of total orders, the growing volume of digital sales means more short-notice pick-ups.

“It’s like showing up at your friend’s house for dinner unannounced, like ‘Hey, I’m here! What’s for dinner?'” said a drive-up worker in Oklahoma. “That’s what it feels like to us.” She and other Target workers who spoke with Insider asked that their names not be used, but their identities are known to Insider.

Target spokesperson Brian Harper-Tibaldo said in a statement to Insider, “At Target, we try hard to deliver Drive Up orders in 3 minutes or less, and this internal guidance is constantly evaluated to ensure it’s right for our guests and reasonable for our team.”

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