See inside a facility that freezes people and pets after they die and stores their preserved remains upside down in cryostat chambers

Thousands of people are signed up to be frozen after they die in the hopes that they can wake up in the future.

Cryonics is the process of deep-freezing human remains in the hope that a person can be resuscitated in the future.
Cryonics Institute charges $28,000 for a body to be stored indefinitely, while competitor Alcor reportedly charges $200,000. 
See how the process of cryonics works and where bodies are stored. 

Throughout history, people have tried to find ways to cheat death, but lately, it’s a topic that seems to be on the minds of many of Silicon Valley’s super-rich.Silicon Valley billionaires are interested in extending life.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel are some of the tech elite who have invested millions of dollars in trying to figure out how to extend their lives.OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos back companies focused on life extension.

Cryonics is a process that many people believe could help extend human life. It involves deep-freezing human remains after a person dies in the hopes that one day that person could be revived in the future.Science fiction cryogenics set appearing in a 1975 episode of ABC’s TV series “The Wide World of Mystery”

No one has ever been resuscitated from cryonic suspension, and there is currently no technology to revive someone who is kept in a frozen chamber.Interior of Cryonics Institute’s facility in Michigan.

Many people think cryonic preservation involves simply freezing a person’s body, but the process is more complicated than that.Dry ice is used to store the bodies as they are transported to the facility.

According to Dennis Kowalski, the president of the Cryonics Institute, the deep-freezing process is done in a …read more

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