Kickin’ It with Kiz: Broncos will make playoffs, thanks to you, Walmart shoppers

The Broncos improved in free agency. Guard Ben Powers was a great pick up, as well offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey. Overall I can’t complain about any of the additions. They all fit what coach Sean Payton is trying to create.

Bob, bullish on Broncos

Kiz: Attention, Walmart shoppers. Sincere thanks for your contributions in transforming the Broncos from a last-place team to a legit playoff contender. Smarter football men than me have done the math; Greg Penner and new ownership led the NFL by spending well over $200 million in free agency. The Broncos will go 11-6 in 2023. And make the playoffs. If I’m wrong? I’m sure some of fine folks will remind me what a knucklehead I am until the day I die (maybe longer).

The Broncos stepped in dog poo by signing quarterback Jarrett Stidham as a free agent. Baker Mayfield has more experience and got paid less by Tampa Bay. I guess the Broncos don’t want to challenge or upset Mr. Eliminated.

A.L., Hastings, Neb.

Kiz: The Broncos invested a ton of money in the idea that if Russell Wilson is willing to play complementary football, he can take them back to the playoffs. This strategy sends a clear message to DangeRuss that if he gets with Payton’s program, success will follow. I’m on board. Let’s hope Russ and Ciara have bought in, as well.

If the Broncos stay healthy, yes they can make the playoffs. How? Pound the rock behind an offensive line with attitude. Let Wilson operate off play-action, with several deep shots per game. He’s leaner and can run. Use two tight-end sets for the run or pass. The Denver defense is still top 10 in the NFL. The team will have more toughness instilled by the new head coach on down. No more finesse. The Broncos will do …read more

Source:: The Denver Post

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