I turned my consultancy side hustle into a full-time business and book using these two strategies

Ashley Stoyanov Ojeda is a consultant and author

Ashley Stoyanov Ojeda started her consulting business after seeing a hole in Latina representation. 
In March 2022, she published a business guidebook called “Jefa in Training.”
She reveals why diversifying her offerings and writing a book helped establish her as an expert.

Ashley Stoyanov Ojeda was building her consulting career when she realized there was a lack of Latina representation in business. As the daughter of a Mexican woman, Stoyanov Ojeda wished she saw or heard more people like herself on the cover of business magazines or speaking on business podcasts.

“There was this need for a resource, a guide for Latina entrepreneurs,”  Stoyanov Ojeda told Insider. “If you look at all of the big business podcasts, books, and people that we look up to, they’re all white.”

Stoyanov Ojeda decided to become that guide. Today, she’s a full-time consultant at her eponymous brand, Ashley K. Stoyanov LLC, and author of “Jefa in Training” — jefa means “female boss” in Spanish — a business guidebook written in Spanglish. 

Before launching her latest business, Stoyanov Ojeda was already a creator: After graduating from Hunter College in New York City, she moved to Portland, Oregon, to “find herself,” and there fused her love for music, creative women, and community-building to launch a nonprofit.

What started as a monthly showcase at a local venue turned into an international organization for women’s songwriters. The event series spanned 16 cities and comprised more than 10,000 community members, Stoyanov Ojeda said. 

That experience helped foster skills like business development, pitching, and scaling, which she uses for her consulting clients today. Stoyanov Ojeda shared her experience building her business and why diversifying her offerings and writing a book helped establish her as an expert.

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