Cab drivers who were estranged brothers started big clothing brand ‘by accident’

Cab drivers who were estranged brothers 'started clothes brand by accident'

Daniel O’Connell, left, and Pete Adams, right, give all their profits to local causes in Brixton (Picture: Paul D’Souza/Lyle Boenke)

Two cab drivers who started a clothing brand ‘by accident’ donate all their profits and next want to go even bigger. 

Daniel O’Connell and Pete Adams are both taxi drivers and are absolutely inseparable, but they spent most of their childhoods apart after their mum split up from Pete’s dad. 

After finding their way back to each other over the years, they’ve now joined up as business owners too. 

To mark Daniel’s 40th birthday, Pete decided to surprise his brother with a hoodie and hat for his birthday, and came up with the idea of making him his own logo. 

The duo, who are both originally from Brixton quickly saw attention for the items come their way from friends and family on Instagram. 

The response surprised both brothers as the thoughtful gift gathered momentum into a business opportunity – Brixton Street Wear. 

Now, Pete has spoken to about how their incredible relationship and why they think they’ve got lessons to teach the likes of Louis Vuitton. 

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Pete sparked the idea with a 40th birthday present for his brother (Picture: Paul D’Souza/Lyle Boenke)

Dan learnt to become a taxi driver just like his brother Pete (Picture: Paul D’Souza/Lyle Boenke)

The pair pride themselves on involving friends and family with their brand (Picture: Paul D’Souza/Lyle Boenke)

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