Current and former Rokt employees told Insider about blackface, booze, and blurred lines

It’s finally Friday, friends. I’m Diamond Naga Siu, and I’m pretty tired of the gloomy weather here in San Diego. It’s the rainiest start to a year around here for decades. And it’s an alarming welcome back to the state.

This California couple also didn’t get what they expected when they moved away. They were in search of a more chill and affordable lifestyle in Charlotte, North Carolina. But the lack of diversity and lower salaries are boomeranging them back to California.

They told my colleague Jordan Pandy that Charlotte seemed affordable and diverse on paper. But it disappointed them in-person.

Before I contemplate moving back to New York City, let’s dive into today’s tech.

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1. A white employee posed in blackface as Michael Jackson. The photo was shown at a company-wide meeting to highlight how “fun” working at $2 billion ad-tech startup Rokt was, an Insider investigation reveals. Employees were stunned.

A series of apologies were issued after. But CEO Bruce Buchanan later doubled down. He said blackface isn’t a big deal in Australia, where the company was founded and where the photo was taken.
Rokt is consistently named a top place to work. But more than 30 current and former employees told my colleagues Jack Newsham and Madeline Stone that they had a different experience.
They described a culture of execs who engaged in or tolerated sexist behavior. Excessive drinking and drug use was common, they said. They describe a culture where executives resisted holding employees accountable for bad behavior.

Come behind the scenes of Rokt with us, where Insider reports that booze and blurred lines flow rampantly.

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