Flip phones had a glow-up, but Gen Zers say they’re not catching the vibe

Tech-savvy Gen Zers don’t seem too hyped about the latest foldable phones.
One Gen Zer said flip phones cost too much. Another, who owned one, said it was “just a smartphone.”
Foldable phones have come late to the smartphone market, a Gartner analyst said.

Gen Zers are considered to be tech-loving, phone-addicted. But this age group, born between 1997 and 2015, appears unfazed by the latest foldable phones.

Over the past few years, flip phones have had a glow-up. What used to be a ’90s-style cellphone with a small screen and keypad is now a sleek device with glass that bends in half. And the refresh seems to be taking the smartphone world by storm.

The foldable-phone category is the fastest-growing on the market, according to data Counterpoint published in August.

Samsung is leading the trend, accounting in June for 62% of the global foldable-smartphone market, followed by Huawei and Oppo, according to the data. Counterpoint estimated in December that foldable-phone shipments would hit more than 22 million units this year — a 52% increase year on year.

Advertisements of the latest flip phones regularly flash up on television, flood the billboards in public places, and appear in pop-up stores in malls for passersby to play with. But what do Gen Zers think about the devices?

Flip phones aren’t cheap

Kelly McKeon, a 24-year-old from New York, told Insider she had an old-style flip phone when she was in middle school but now used an iPhone. When the latest foldable phones launched, McKeon said she thought the screen folding in half seemed like a “supercool tech” feature. But she’s not interested in buying one, and the high prices have put her …read more

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