Ayo Dosunmu learning new “tricks” from Patrick Beverley

Bulls guard Ayo Dosunmu’s minutes decreased from 28.4 to 18.1 per game since the Bulls acquired Patrick Beverley.

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The addition of Patrick Beverley has been a double-edged sword for second-year guard Ayo Dosunmu. He’s playing less, but learning more. 

Dosunmu is adjusting to a reserve role after starting the previous 28 games prior to the Bulls’ trade for Beverley on Feb. 21. His minutes are down from 28.4 per game prior to Beverley’s arrival to 18.1 since the former Marshall star arrived. 

“He’s someone who’s been around the game a long time,” Dosunmu said. “He plays my position, so he’s been great for me from that aspect — me being able to learn from him, because he’s seen it all. 

Because of the nature of the effervescent Beverley’s energy-based game, it’s difficult to measure his exact impact on any team or any teammate. But Dosunmu only has to watch and listen to learn. 

“His tricks of the game,” Dosunmu said when asked what he’s learned in particular. “Sometimes you watch people play defense, and you wonder how they’re so good. Seeing him live, seeing how he competes, how vocal he is. He’s had so many tricks on defense, whether it’s getting through screens [or] knowing the scouting report and using it to his advantage. 

“A lot of those little tricks, only someone who’s been in the league 10-plus years would know. And I have the advantage to really pick his brain, so that can help me flourish. I’m in my second year, and I’m trying to take what I can from him, take what I can from DeMar [DeRozan], …read more

Source:: Chicago Sun Times

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