Yokohama rising: East Asia’s new hub of innovation

For global travelers seeking excitement, great food, and endless sources of entertainment, it isn’t easy to top Tokyo as one of the most attractive destinations on the planet. But visitors to Japan might be surprised to learn that when it comes to living in Japan, the nation’s capital is often eclipsed by its neighbor, Yokohama, as the best place to live and work in Japan.

Although often overshadowed by its more globally famous neighbor, Yokohama, like Tokyo, is another bayside city with a temperate year-round climate, plenty of greenery, and a strong support network for foreign residents. With a population of around 3.77 million, Yokohama feels more human in scale than sprawling Tokyo at over three times its size.

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Robert Heldt, CEO of Tokyo-based creative digital agency Custom Media, has lived in Yokohama for nearly nine years. Although Custom Media’s offices are in central Tokyo, Heldt chose to live in Yokohama, about a 40-minute commute from his office, where he is able to own a home with a garden and a small terrace. Heldt and his family wanted to live in a city that is easily accessible to Tokyo, yet more spacious and with a lot of nature. Says Heldt: “[Yokohama] has a very rich and natural environment which makes it a very charming place to live.”

TJ Wheeler, who grew up in California but is now a manager in a Yokohama-based company dealing in VR and metaverse technology agrees. Wheeler relocated to Yokohama last year and lives in a neighborhood with many schools within walking distance of his home and a lot more playgrounds and parks compared to other Japanese cities he is familiar with. Yokohama boasts over 2,700 parks, including the historic Yamashita Park, a favorite …read more

Source:: Los Angeles Daily News

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