F1 and Red Bull are selling a car simulator based on a championship-winning design for $120,000 – more than some real supercars

Red Bull’s RB18 won 17 of last season’s 22 races.

Red Bull and F1 unveiled its RB18 simulator on Tuesday – based on Max Verstappen’s winning car.
The two editions cost either $90,000 or $120,000 if you want to include the front-wing assembly.
It’s made “using the same process” as the real F1 car – but still costs more than a Tesla Model S Plaid.

If you’ve ever wanted to drive a Formula One Championship-winning car, you can pretend to do so for the same price as a new Porsche 911.

F1 and Red Bull unveiled the RB18 car simulator on Tuesday, with “The Champions Edition” retailing for £99,999, or around $120,000.

The slightly cheaper “Race Edition” is about $90,000 – but it doesn’t include the front-wing assembly which gives F1 cars their distinctive look.

The hefty price tag comes from the fact that the simulators are constructed “using the same process” as the real car which Max Verstappen drove to 15 wins out of last season’s 22 races. 

It might not have wheels or a rear wing, but other than that, it looks like the real thing, and includes a curved AOC screen and computer for virtual racing.

The price of the simulator means it is more expensive than many real high end cars. A Porsche 911, for instance, starts at $106,100.

You could also buy Tesla’s most expensive car – the Model S Plaid –  for $109,990. Second-hand supercars from F1 rivals like Ferrari or McLaren might also be bought for less than the RB18 simulator.

Or if your pockets are even deeper you could buy enough to arrange your very own digital Grand Prix, with 20 retailing for about $600,000 less than a $3 million Bugatti Chiron.  As the advert notes: “show …read more

Source:: Businessinsider

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