Chicago a frontunner for 2024 Democratic convention; Whoopi Goldberg boosts New York bid

Whoopi Goldberg narrates new video touting New York’s 2024 Democratic convention bid.

NYC2024DNC video

WASHINGTON — With Chicago and Atlanta the front-runners for the 2024 Democratic National Convention — and my bet is on Chicago — New York is trying to stay in the mix with a new booster video narrated by Whoopi Goldberg.

“Come to New York, where we will put on a seamless and spectacular convention,” Goldberg says in the video, which surfaced on Monday. It runs 7 minutes and 11 seconds.

President Joe Biden, expected to run for a second term in 2024, will make the decision on the convention city. 

It’s not clear who exactly the long video is supposed to influence.

A Democratic National Committee technical advisory group evaluated the bids. Biden will get a recommendation from folks scrutinizing the bids who are not likely to be swayed by the New York infomercial, which doesn’t tell them anything they did not already know.

The video does lay out parts of the New York bid.

Point for point, Chicago has everything New York says it can offer the Democrats and more, except the Statue of Liberty and garbage waiting to be collected sitting out on downtown streets.

Chicago backers have been slamming Atlanta for being in anti-union, right-to-work Georgia, and having only two union hotels. New York followed with copy-cat jabs at Atlanta.  

Perhaps New York believes it can revive its fading chances if Atlanta is knocked out because of objections from labor.

New York last hosted Democrats in 1992, when Bill Clinton was nominated for his first term. Chicago last hosted Democrats in 1996, when …read more

Source:: Chicago Sun Times

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