Tiger Woods’s NDA battle with Erica Herman is dragging his obsession with privacy into the spotlight

Tiger Woods and his then-girlfriend Erica Herman are pictured at the US Open last year.

Tiger Woods’s ex-girlfriend Erica Herman claims he evicted and abused her, but she has an NDA.
Woods’s desire for privacy has come up in tabloids, court filings, even the name of his yacht.
A new law invalidating NDAs that prevent speaking about sexual abuse could pierce Woods’s privacy.

When security guard John Davis slipped on some stairs at a Florida mansion in 2010 and hurt his knee, he filed a lawsuit. The defendant, Christopher Hubman, wasn’t a name most people would recognize.

But to people who knew Hubman’s role as the trusted lieutenant of golf superstar Tiger Woods, the real target of the lawsuit was obvious: Woods himself, whose net worth at the time had just surpassed half a billion dollars. Even though Davis was injured at Woods’s mansion, Hubman handled the suit as an officer of the trust controlling the estate, and everyone in the case took pains to play down the connection. At one point in a deposition, Davis referred to a witness as “Tiger’s personal assistant,” before catching himself — “Oh,” he said. “She’s the client’s personal assistant.”

Davis wasn’t the first person asked to keep Tiger Woods’s name out of his mouth, and according to a $30 million lawsuit filed earlier this month by Woods’s ex-girlfriend Erica Herman, he wasn’t the last.

Herman is suing to nullify a nondisclosure agreement she signed in 2017 while dating Woods, with her legal filings citing laws that allow people with allegations of sexual abuse to invalidate such contracts. Her lawyers are arguing that the agreement needs to be scrapped to proceed with another suit against Woods, related to her claim that Woods used a ruse to wrongfully evict her from his house. As it …read more

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