A laid-off Meta worker says the company paid her to not work: They were ‘hoarding us like Pokémon cards’

Britney Levy completed about seven months of her year-long program with Meta before they laid her off.

An ex-Meta worker said she was part of a group that didn’t have work to do when hired.
Britney Levy told Insider some people were frustrated and felt Meta was stalling their careers.
A spokesperson for Meta did not respond to a request for comment ahead of publication.

Britney Levy, a Meta worker who lost her job in the company’s first round of layoffs, said recent comments that the social media giant paid employees to do “fake work” aren’t exaggerated.

“I am one of those employees that was kind of hired into a really strange position where they immediately put me into a group of individuals that was not working,” Levy said in a TikTok that was posted on Saturday. “You had to fight to find work.”

In the video that has since garnered over 870,000 views, Levy said she felt Meta was hiring people so other companies couldn’t have them.

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“They were just kind of like hoarding us like Pokémon cards,” she said in the video.

Insider’s Jason Lalljee previously reported that Levy was part of Meta’s year-long diversity program which helps workers from underrepresented backgrounds work in tech recruiting. Levy was laid off after working for the company for about seven months. She told …read more

Source:: Businessinsider

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