LAPD to consider adding a ‘cooldown’ to Tasers preventing multiple shocks after death of Keenan Anderson

The Los Angeles Police Department will consider whether its stun guns should be modified to prevent repeated firings of the device after an officer shocked a man with one six times in less than a minute during a traffic stop earlier this month, with the man dying in a hospital hours later.

Chief Michel Moore in Tuesday’s Police Commission meeting told commissioners he was looking in to whether LAPD could outfit its Tasers with technology that would limit the number of times an officer could fire the weapon.

Moore said the department would reach out to Axon Enterprise, the Phoenix-based manufacturer of LAPD’s Taser devices, to see whether “a stoppage” could be activated after the first pull of the device’s trigger, “where the device would no longer continue to activate for a one-minute or a two-minute buffer.”

Moore said the death of 31-year-old Keenan Anderson on Jan. 3 and the subsequent questions over LAPD’s Taser use “merit consideration of working with the manufacturer to consider establishing a limit.”

Anderson died after the encounter with LAPD officers, who spotted him running through traffic following the crash at Venice and Lincoln boulevards.

Anderson was not armed and appeared to be in distress, but continued to run from officers until three of them pinned him to the ground. As they tried to turn him over, Anderson resisted — that’s when one officer pulled out his Taser and threatened to use it on him.

Moments later, the officer shot Anderson with the Taser once, activating the charge on the device twice from a distance. The officer then placed the Taser directly on Anderson’s clothed back, “dry” stunning him with the device four more times, all in 42 seconds.

Anderson’s cause of death has not been determined. Moore also said LAPD did not know yet how many times the Taser shocked …read more

Source:: Los Angeles Daily News

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