Drink driver laughed emerging from car crash wreckage that left mum-of-two dead

Franca Grossi.

Franca Grossi has left behind her two teenage daughters and her devastated husband (Picture: Central News)

A drink driver said he thought an accident which killed a mum-of-two and injured two others was funny.

Steve Boochoon, 25, ‘showed no compassion or concern for others’ after he crashed into an Uber carrying 52-year-old mum Franca Grossi just after midnight on August 13.

When police asked what he thought about the destroyed car, Boochoon answered: ‘To be honest, it’s their problem.’

He was laughing as he told officers: ‘I’ve only had two shots bro.’

The accident happened on a residential street, in Haringey, north London, where Boochoon was on the wrong side of the road and travelling at almost three times the 20mph speed limit.

He crashed into Franca’s taxi so fast the driver said he did not even realise it was a car, the Old Bailey heard.

Franca, who was on her way home from work drinks, died from her injuries the next day. The other two in the car, including Franca’s best friend Francesco Fontana, 48, escaped with injuries.

Franca was in the car with her best friend of 20 years, Francesco Fontana (Picture: Central News)

At the time, Boochoon was not allowed to be on the road because of a previous conviction for driving while intoxicated. He also had no insurance.

Franca’s husband James Manns read his victim impact statement out to the court.

He said: ‘The killing of my wife, and the mother of our two young daughters, has devastated us.

‘We still can’t and I doubt we will come to terms with this tragedy.

‘Every day I feel sick in the pit of my stomach and I will never get over the image in my head of when I was with Franca the day she died …read more

Source:: Metro News

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