25 photos of space that could change the way you see our universe and make you feel very small

Webb captured the Tarantula Nebula star-forming region in this mosaic image stretching 340 light-years across.

The universe is beautiful, strange, and vast across space and time — perhaps more than you realize.

NASA telescopes and space probes have imaged black holes, early galaxies, and star nurseries.
Here are 25 space photos that could change the way you see our solar system, galaxy, and universe.

Let’s start close to home. Even here, you can see that space is huge — bigger than you probably realize. That’s Earth on the right, and the moon is the tiny speck on the left.NASA’s Lucy spacecraft captured this image of the Earth and the moon from a distance of 890,000 on October 13, 2022.

Jupiter is much, much further and much, much larger.Jupiter, as photographed by the Juno spacecraft, in September 2017.

Jupiter’s most famous cyclone alone, the Great Red Spot, is larger than Earth.Scientists animated this Juno image of the Great Red Spot based on velocity data from the spacecraft and models of the storm’s winds.

The sun dwarfs all the planets, though. In this photo of a small portion of the sun’s surface, each cell of boiling plasma is about the size of Texas.A movie from the Inouye Solar Telescope shows how the sun’s plasma moves across its surface.

The planets in our solar system are even more fascinating and complex than you may think. Saturn isn’t the only one with rings. See Uranus’s rings below?An infrared view of Uranus over two days in July 2004.

Neptune also has a set of rings.The James Webb Space Telescope’s image of Neptune and its rings. Neptune has 14 known satellites, and seven of them …read more

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