Mouldy flat left asthmatic teen ‘struggling to breathe and needing steroids’

Pictured Aisha Hussain's son Justin. A mum of three said she is slowly giving up because her flat is covered in mould. See SWNS story SWSMmould. Mould started to appear in Aisha Hussain's, 31, flat in Hounslow, London in November 2021 and can be found in her living room and children's bedroom. Aisha's eldest son Justin, aged 16 suffers from asthma and the mould has made his condition worse, he has been on steroids for three weeks and is using an asthma mask to help him breathe. Aisha said:
Aisha Hussain’s eldest son Justin, 16, has been prescribed steroids to help him breathe (Picture: SWNS)

Aisha Hussain’s eldest son Justin, 16, has been prescribed steroids to help him breathe (Picture: SWNS)

An asthmatic teenager is ‘struggling to breathe’ because of the mould that has taken over his home, his mum claims.

Aisha Hussain’s eldest son Justin, 16, has been on steroids and ‘in and out of an asthma mask’ for three weeks to help him breathe.

The mum-of-three, 31, said there is thick black mould on their living room bedroom walls at their flat in Harlesden, north-west London.

It started showing up last November and has not cleared up, despite Aisha trying to use mould remover.

She has contacted the landlord who manages the property, but says she is ‘slowly giving up’ because there’s ‘no help’.

She said: ‘I ring the council every day for help, but nobody seems to be there to help me.

‘I have put in a disrepair claim for condensation and I have lost furniture and clothes due to the stains from the mould.

‘I am paying around £2,000 a month for a flat that is unliveable.

Mould started showing up in the flat in Harlesden, west London, last November (Picture: SWNS)

Aisha said she has been unable to get rid of the mould (Picture: SWNS)

‘It is not just the winter. In the summer you can’t breathe in this flat as there are three windows in total.’

Aisha believes the stress of the situation is the reason she ended up in hospital with breathing problems and heart palpitations on November 18.

She was kept in overnight for observations, given tablets to reduce stress and was kept on a drip to keep her hydrated.

Aisha is also worried about her two-year-old son Shahroz, especially after reading about how little Awaab Ishak, the same age, died in December 2020 from a …read more

Source:: Metro News

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