Joining the military in the 1970s helped my parents go from hungry in a small apartment to building generational wealth

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The author’s mother, Christine Knapp (left).

My parents hit a low point financially in the ’70s and decided to enlist in the Army to make ends meet.
Their time in the military ultimately helped them get on better financial footing and go to college.
They were able to get good government jobs and my mom is now comfortably retired.

My momma wore combat boots — even though she preferred heels. She fired a rifle — even though she disapproved of guns. She had to run a mile in under seven minutes, dressed in full combat gear — even though she carried me in her belly.

My mom will tell you the military was a tough path, especially for a woman in the 1970s, but it’s a path she would unquestionably march down again because of the life it afforded her.

“It was critical at the time,” she told me. “The Army made a massive change in where I ended up in life — where we all ended up in life.”

My parents joined the military when they ran out of options

My mom, Christine Knapp, grew up in Detroit and mid-Michigan, helping take care of her six younger siblings. Despite the burden, she graduated from high school a semester early. She dreamed of studying in Italy — maybe fashion or architecture. 

“Did it really matter?” she wondered. “It was Italy.”

My mom met my dad, a Vietnam vet, at a friend’s house the same day she received her diploma. They married seven months later. She never got to …read more

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