Jets QB Zach Wilson finally takes responsibility: ‘I got to play better’

It has been a rollercoaster 72 hours for Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.

Following the Jets 10-3 loss to the Patriots on Sunday, Wilson failed to take any responsibility for the team’s lack of offensive output in the postgame press conference. Then the next day, Jets coach Robert Saleh said he was considering a change at the starting quarterback position.

When the Jets entered the facility Wednesday morning, Saleh made the move official as the team will start Mike White against the Bears on Sunday. Not only will Wilson not start against the Bears, but he won’t even be active as Joe Flacco, who started three games this season, will be White’s backup.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say surprised because I haven’t been doing my job,” Wilson told reporters. “Of course, I would like to not agree with the decision and everything, but it comes down to I got to play better.

“You know what, it’s deserved. The way that I handled the situation wasn’t right. I got to be a better football player, and I got to be a better leader for these guys.

“I have the opportunity to turn the page here as a player and as a leader and be able to take a step forward and be able to be here 100 percent for my guys and be able to handle situations correctly.”

Although Saleh said Wilson didn’t lose his job because of his failure to take any accountability after the loss to the Patriots, it certainly didn’t help. After the game, Wilson was asked whether he felt like he let the defense down at all and his response was “no, no” after completing 9 of 22 passes for 77 yards and zero touchdowns.

While publicly, his teammates have voiced support for Wilson, on Twitter, defensive …read more

Source:: The Denver Post

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