Inside a $2.5 million Michigan castle that harkens back to medieval Europe with its secret passageways, wooden drawbridge, and wine cellar

An exterior view of LeBlanc Castle in Rochester, Michigan.

The LeBlanc Castle is a custom 10,000-square-foot property about 30 minutes north of Detroit.
It has 26 rooms over five floors and features amenities like a wine cellar and secret passageways.
The castle, set on more than 6 acres, has been on the market for three months asking $2.5 million.

Brent Gatecliff, 64, never imagined owning a castle.

To this day, he has not spent a single night at the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansion a 30-minute drive north of Detroit known to locals as The LeBlanc Castle.

Located at 2009 Victoria Hill Drive in Rochester, Michigan, the 10,000-square-foot, five-level structure stands over a 6.25-acre lot. It harkens back to the 15th-century Scottish medieval era with its secret passageways, wooden drawbridge, and other classical features like a moat. But there are also more modern amenities such as central heat and air, a gym, and a fire protection system. 

Gatecliff came to own the castle after striking up a business deal with James LeBlanc, the original designer and builder of the eponymous castle, in 2015. 

LeBlanc initially purchased the land to build the castle in 1991, public records show, and he then undertook several trips to Europe, as well as studied multiple books on castle architecture, to study up on the subject when designing the home. According to Dylan Tent, a realtor with Sotheby’s International who is representing Gatecliff, the castle took nearly six years to build at a cost of $10.5 million. 

The home was intended to be an engagement present from LeBlanc to his wife, Vera, Gatecliff said. 

Gatecliff added that LeBlanc was in poor health and struggled to make payments on the property when they met. So Gatecliff agreed to loan LeBlanc more than $900,000 to keep the home on the condition that LeBlanc …read more

Source:: Businessinsider

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