Hiring freezes and layoffs are happening everywhere. Here’s what you should do next if your company hits pause on hires.

Hiring freezes can cause employees to worry about their job security.

Several tech companies have imposed hiring freezes to brace for an economic slowdown.
Hiring pauses can also be concerning for those already working for a business. 
Insider spoke to tech recruiters to find out what to do if your company presses pause on hiring. 

Hiring freezes and layoffs are spreading across the tech sector.

Earlier this month, Meta announced it was cutting more than 11,000 staff and extending a hiring freeze until the first quarter of next year, with a small number of exceptions.

Twitter also laid off about half of employees under its new owner, Elon Musk, while Amazon is reportedly gearing up for a round of management layoffs. 

Tech giant Apple has slowed hiring, including freezing recruiting completely on some teams, Insider reported. Last week, CEO Tim Cook told CBS that Apple was being “deliberate” about hiring and “continuing to hire, but not everywhere in the company.”

“It’s like almost every second day you’re hearing about a new company or big tech company announcing hiring freezes,” Nikita Gupta, founder of resume review company FAANGPath, told Insider.

Companies such as Uber and Meta have announced they are putting the brakes on recruiting as the threat of recession rises.

“The war for talent has been really hot,” said Chris Abbass, CEO of tech recruiting platform Talentful. “But now people are probably going to see a drop in demand.”

Although these pauses are primarily a problem for job seekers, hiring freezes can also cause employees to worry about job security.

Insider spoke to specialist tech recruiters to find out what to do if your company enters a hiring freeze. 

1. Don’t assume the worst 

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