Here’s why your Thanksgiving turkey probably cost a lot more than it did last year

Turkey prices are much higher than last year, the American Farm Bureau Federation said.

Turkey farmers in the US face higher costs for feed, electricity and fuel due to an inflation surge.
Bob’s Turkey Farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, told Insider that all its costs are up by 25%.
Many Hands, a farm in Massachusetts, hasn’t raised its prices as they “try to charge what’s fair.” 

US turkey farmers are grappling with higher costs for feed, electricity and fuel due to soaring inflation, forcing many to charge more for their turkeys this Thanksgiving.

The cost of turkey is up by more than a fifth compared to last year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation, as a result of supply chain disruptions and the war in Ukraine, while some farms have also been hit by bird flu.

Bob’s Turkey Farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, told Insider the cost of rearing a turkey had jumped by a quarter compared with last year but has only raised prices by up to 16%. 

Jenn Brezniak, 31, who works at the farm, said: “All expenses across the board are up 25%. The cost of feed, electricity, fuel, propane, oil and electricity is skyrocketing.” 

The farm typically sells about 2,700 turkeys to retailers and locals, with the same number again taken by wholesalers. 

“The feed costs have gone up astronomically, as has the price of electricity,” Brezniak said. “The cost to run all the freezers, refrigerators, lights and feeders is insane. But I don’t think anyone is in farming for the money … it’s more a labor of love.”

The farm breeds, hatches, raises and processes an average of 8,000 turkeys a year. 

“It was a very difficult decision to raise prices,” Brezniak said. “It’s a balancing act to cover all our bills and make ends meet and …read more

Source:: Businessinsider

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