Clippers center Ivica Zubac plays with confidence and lofty goals in mind

Clippers center Ivica Zubac cringed but only briefly by the memory. His dark bushy eyebrows pulled together as the thought about being posterized by Houston’s Kenyon Martin Jr., a moment that went viral. But like most things – bad games, nagging aches and pains, rough patches, Zubac shrugged it off like some undersized opponent.

“You’re going to have those games in a season. You got to get over it, that’s it,” Zubac said.

Unfazed, the Clippers’ center returned to the court, posting double-doubles in three of his next four games.

As the team’s only true big man, Zubac feels a sense of responsibility to be the best. So, he spends hours on the court learning how to improve and additional time in the training room keeping his 7-foot body in peak condition.

His dedication has resulted in two career nights rebounding-wise. He twice has posted career-highs of 18 boards – once against Oklahoma City in October and recently against Detroit. And Zubac has shown he can carry the load, averaging nearly 31 minutes a game.

Back-up center Isaiah Hartenstein bolted for the New York Knicks after last season, leaving the Clippers with little option in the paint. So, when the team goes big, Zubac is there.

“I am just playing more and playing more confidently,” said Zubac, who played in the grueling FIBA EuroBasket tournament to help prepare for the grind of the NBA season.

“I feel like it was coming. The last few years, I feel like I was so close to averaging a double-double that I just had to get my minutes up.  I started out better defensively this year which allowed me to stay on the floor a longer time.

“I feel that every time I play more minutes in my career, I play better. So that’s what it is – getting more minutes and …read more

Source:: Los Angeles Daily News

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