Brother’s ‘heart is breaking’ as footballer remains missing a year on from Channel disaster

Caption: Brother's 'heart is breaking' as footballer remains missing a year on from Channel disaster credit: -

Zana Mamand Mohammad (right) is still waiting for answers about the Channel tragedy which claimed the life of his younger brother Twana (Picture: Zana Mamand Mohammad)

The brother of a teenager who went missing in the Channel tragedy a year ago has said his ‘heart is breaking’ as he continues to wait for answers from the authorities.

Zana Mamand Mohammad has travelled from Iraq to Paris to try and find out what happened to his younger brother, Twana, in the maritime disaster which claimed 31 lives.  

Twana, 18, had left a Kurdish town in northern Iraq with aspirations of becoming a Manchester City footballer and spent 15 weeks travelling to France before attempting the hazardous crossing.  

His group’s flimsy dinghy is said to have deflated and capsized, with only two survivors pulled from the water in what would become the worst loss of life in the Channel for 30 years. Organisations supporting refugees and asylum seekers said yesterday that the British and French emergency services wasted time ‘passing the buck’ about who should respond to the passengers’ desperate calls for help.

Speaking to from Paris, Zana said: ‘A year after Twana went missing, my heart is breaking as we wait for answers. I have travelled from Iraq to France in the hope that we may find out what happened, but I still have not had any news. 

‘Words alone cannot express my family’s sadness, it only gets worse with each day that passes. 

‘Our hearts are in pain while we wait and hope that one day we will be given some news. We were a very happy family, but our lives completely changed when Twana went missing.  

‘Now, we are in constant sadness; not a day goes by without my mother and father crying. Twana’s many friends are also broken-hearted and don’t know how to cope without …read more

Source:: Metro News

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