A 26-year-old on track to make $200,000 from 2 remote jobs secretly squeezed into 40 hours explains how he gets away with it — and his ‘only Great Resignation regret’

More Americans are working two jobs as the cost of living creeps higher and higher.

A full-time account manager at a software company started a second job as a sales representative.
He still works 40 hours per week but expects to make about $40,000 in additional income this year.
The money goes toward his credit-card debt, his wife’s college tuition, and his retirement savings.

Fayette Woods, 26, says he needs two jobs to meet his financial goals, which include paying his wife’s college tuition, saving to retire at age 60, and keeping up with his bills during a time of four-decade-high inflation.

But Woods works both of his jobs during the same hours, and neither employer knows about the other.

“In this economy, you cannot get by with one income,” Woods said. He requested that his real name and employers be kept anonymous for privacy reasons, but his identity is known to Insider.

Woods, who is a full-time account manager at a software company, also sells furniture for a retailer. He said that working remotely for both jobs allows him to avoid getting caught — and that only became possible during the pandemic. 

By working about 40 hours a week — while getting paid for 60 — Woods expects to see a salary jump of $40,000 this year. He is on track to make more than $160,000 at the software company this year, including commission, pay stubs viewed by Insider showed. 

That’s opened new possibilities for Woods, who has paid off all his credit-card debt since he started working two jobs last November and plans to start his own business with the additional cash.

More Americans are finding it necessary to follow a path like Woods’ as the cost of living creeps higher and higher. In addition to the past year of record-high inflation, costs …read more

Source:: Businessinsider

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