Whatever Bears’ Matt Eberflus says on Justin Fields, think the opposite

Bears coach Matt Eberflus has a decision to make at quarterback this week — unless he’s already made it.

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I love football coaches. They worry about everything. They analyze everything. If there were a way to analyze players at a molecular level, they would. Actually, I can’t rule out that they’ve already cracked the code and can tell you why Justin Fields’ mitochondria is better than Aaron Rodgers’.

So there’s this intense analytical side to coaches, which involves accounting for every minute of every day, and then there’s this other side, which is a combination of paranoia and superstition. Imagine Dr. Anthony Fauci believing in leprechauns. That’s the kind of dissonance we’re talking about here.

The Bears spent several days saying very little about the injury to Fields’ left, non-throwing shoulder. He was hurt during a foolhardy designed run late in a loss to the Falcons on Sunday. Coach Matt Eberflus said Wednesday that Fields had been cleared to practice, which thrilled fans who have become addicted to the quarterback’s brilliant running and amused those of us who have been around too many coaches for too many years.

These are words to live by: If a football coach says one thing, there’s a 90% chance he means the exact opposite. One person’s “Fields has been cleared to practice!’’ is another’s “Get ready for Trevor Siemian.’’

Where Eberflus wasn’t specific about the injury Wednesday, Fields said it was a separated shoulder with ligament damage. Doesn’t he know about loose lips sinking ships?

There’s a distinct possibility that Eberflus knows Siemian will start Sunday but wants the Jets to have to put …read more

Source:: Chicago Sun Times

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