More than two decades after construction started, Majesty building sits uncompleted

When construction began on the Majesty skyscraper, derisively known as “The Eyesore on I-4,″ George W. Bush had been president for only a few months.

The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 were months away. The iPhone had not yet been invented.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were still years from being launched. And NFL star Tom Brady had not yet won a Super Bowl.

Yet, today, the 18-story tower looming over Interstate 4 at East Central Parkway in Altamonte Springs continues being built with no date on its expected completion or official opening.

Countless memes have surfaced on social media over the years deriding the building, including one last September that seemed to urge Hurricane Ian to knock it down.

Claud Bowers, founder and president of WACX SuperChannel 55, the religious broadcast station that owns the Majesty building and the surrounding four acres, did not return several calls for comment.

In 2003, Bowers told the Sentinel that construction would be completed that year. In 2006, he said it would take another year to finish the project. And in 2016, he said it would be another year. Then a year later, he said it would be completed by late 2018.

But in a 2019 interview with the Orlando Sentinel, his most recent, Bowers admitted he did not know when the building would open its doors. He noted that the I-4 Ultimate expansion project and the new access ramp to Central Parkway — which were completed early this year — delayed progress on the building’s construction. Bowers called it the “most challenging time,” primarily in the difficulty in finding workers.

When plans for the Majesty were first announced in 1998, Bowers estimated the project’s cost would top $40 million. Because he wanted the building to be debt free, he has relied on the generosity of SuperChannel 55 …read more

Source:: The Denver Post

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