Kevin McCarthy calls for Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas to resign or face impeachment inquiry over ‘the collapse of our border’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, of Calif., speaks during a news conference, Nov. 15, 2022, after voting on top House Republican leadership positions, on Capitol Hill in Washington. The Republican Party’s narrow capture of the House majority is poised to transform the agenda in Washington, empowering GOP lawmakers to pursue conservative goals and vigorously challenge the policies of President Joe Biden and his administration.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday called for the resignation of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.
Citing conditions at the border, McCarthy said he’d investigate Mayorkas if he doesn’t step down.
Investigations could lead to Mayorkas’ impeachment.

Citing conditions at the US-Mexico border, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday called for the resignation of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, saying he would investigate the Biden-appointed official if he does not step down.

McCarthy said during a visit with U.S. Customs and Border Protection personnel in El Paso, Texas, with six other Republicans that the nation has never been more at risk due to illegal border crossings, calling it the “worst border crisis” in US history.

Last year, US Border Patrol recorded the highest-ever number of southwest border interactions with migrants, according to Pew Research Center. US Customs and Border patrol has consistently recorded over 150,000 illegal crossings every month this year. Migrants from Mexico, Venezuela, and Guatemala have increasingly been making the dangerous journey toward the US northern border, risking their lives to escape poverty, climate change and political instability.

McCarthy specifically took aim at the coming end of title Title 42 as cause for concern at the border. The Trump-era policy that allows migrants to be turned away at the border due to COVID-19 concerns is set to be discontinued next month after a U.S. District Court judge declared the policy unlawful, CBS reported.

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