An architect of the law Biden is using to cancel student debt tells the Supreme Court that the relief falls ‘exactly’ under the Education Secretary’s authority and should be revived

President Joe Biden, left, answers questions with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona as they leave an event about the administration’s student-loan forgiveness plan at the White House on October 17, 2022.

Former Rep. George Miller, who constructed the law Biden is using to cancel student debt, filed a brief with the Supreme Court supporting the plan.
Miller stood with Biden’s request to the court to revive the relief after lower federal courts blocked it.
Along with Miller, advocates, legal experts, and economists filed a series of briefs supporting the relief. 

One of the lawmakers who constructed the law President Joe Biden is using to cancel student debt just told the nation’s highest court why the debt relief shouldn’t be blocked.

On Tuesday, Smita Ghosh, Appellate Counsel at the Constitutional Accountability Center, on behalf of former Rep. George Miller — a top Democratic lawmaker on the House education committee who helped construct the HEROES Act of 2003 — filed an amicus curiae brief supporting the Biden administration’s request to reinstate its student-loan forgiveness plan. The Act, per its text, gives the Education Secretary the ability to waive or modify student-loan balances in connection with a national emergency, like COVID-19.

After Biden announced up to $20,000 in broad debt relief for federal borrowers at the end of August, a number of conservative lawsuits arose seeking to block the policy. Over the past two weeks, two federal courts have ruled the debt relief should be blocked — most recently, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals decided the temporary pause it placed on Biden’s debt relief in October should remain in place indefinitely, favoring the six Republican-led states who filed the lawsuit and argued the relief would hurt their states’ tax revenues and was overstepping authority under the HEROES Act.

In response to the 8th Circuit’s decision, Biden’s …read more

Source:: Businessinsider

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