A 48-year old Airbnb host breaks down how she used Facebook and Instagram to bring in $25,000 through direct bookings

Amie Sommer’s desert rental, which she purchased for $1.08 million.

Amie Sommer, an Alaska resident, rents out a $1 million Arizona home that sleeps 10.
When she launched her listing, she used Facebook to get direct bookings from family and friends.
Sommer uses Lodgify to coordinate bookings across platforms, including Airbnb and Vrbo.

Alaska resident Amie Sommer’s first step for her new short-term-rental was to make a website. Though she would also list her Arizona pad on Airbnb and Vrbo, Sommer knew she wanted a diverse pool of prospective guests.

“I don’t want all my eggs in one basket,” she told Insider.

It’s been a boon for Sommer’s business. In her first year listing the $1.08 million desert-oasis home that sleeps 10, she’s already landed $50,000 in bookings, which Insider verified through documentation. Half of those bookings she told Insider were from promoting her direct booking link on the social-media sites Facebook and Instagram.

An explosion of new listings has made the short-term-rental market more competitive, with some hosts worrying about an “Airbnbust.” Recent data from the analytics site AirDNA showed demand climbed by 24% year over year in September but that occupancy fell 1.2% because of the glut of listings travelers could choose from.

To stand out, hosts are getting creative. Sommer believes her strategy is accessible to any host, even those who aren’t quite tech-savvy.

“I’m not the most technically, technologically advantaged person in the universe, but I was able to get on there and do it,” she said.

Sommer made a website and booked Facebook friends as her first guests
The interior of Sommer’s rental.

Sommer started by setting up a simple website using Wix and then an account on the vacation-rental-software site Lodgify. She …read more

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