Manston immigration centre where kids were forced to sleep on floor is now empty

People gesture towards the camera from inside the migrant processing centre in Manston, Britain, November 7, 2022. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

All of the migrants are now said to be in hotel rooms or other accommodation (Picture: Reuters)

The Manston immigration centre is now empty, according to Home Office sources.

Thousands of migrants had been placed in tents at the former military airfield on the Isle of Thanet, over the last few months, leading to overcrowding and outbreaks of disease.

Photos showed children sleeping on the floor of the crowded centre just last month.

Everyone staying at the temporary site has now been placed in new accommodation, according to officials.

Haunting photos last month showed people reaching out through packed barricades, sleeping on floor mats and hungry and cold children sharing blankets.

Among the biggest concern, despairing migrants were facing severe overcrowding as the Home Office didn’t book enough hotel rooms causing a backlog.

The facility in Kent has been hit by controversy in recent weeks, including the death in hospital of a man who was staying there.

It comes on top of revelations that the centre was holding up to 4,000 people, more than double its 1,600 person capacity.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman visited Manston earlier this month (Picture: Getty)

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Also at the start of November, a desperate Albanian man tried to stop a coach carrying asylum seekers from leaving the facility.

He had discovered his relatives were being detained at the site after spotting a picture of his nephew on the front page of the Metro newspaper.

After travelling down from Oxford, he tried to gain access to the facility to find his family.

Understood to be named Arben Halili, the man then blocked a coach as …read more

Source:: Metro News

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