I worked 2 remote jobs during the pandemic, and it helped me break into my dream industry. But I wouldn’t do it again.

Norma M. worked two remote jobs during the pandemic.
The experience helped her get a foot into the publishing industry, but she wouldn’t try it again.
Here’s Norma’s story, as told to Lakshmi Varanasi.

I studied creative writing in college with a dream of one day working at a major publishing house like Macmillan or HarperCollins. 

But it was hard to land a role in the industry without moving to New York. I grew up in the Midwest, and my parents, siblings, and childhood friends all lived within a short drive from me. I prioritized spending time with them over chasing a dream a thousand miles away.  

Eight months into the pandemic, in October 2021, I was laid off from my job at a data company. I had felt the layoffs looming for weeks, so I was already interviewing for other jobs.

I started a new job working remotely at an educational company — it wasn’t a field I was deeply passionate about, but it felt like a place where I could use my skills in marketing, social media, and communication. 

Just two weeks later, a recruiter reached out on LinkedIn asking whether I was interested in a contract role at a major publishing house in New York. The job was normally reserved for someone based there, but because of the pandemic, the company was open to remote candidates. 

I was thrilled. It was an exciting opportunity that would have never been possible before COVID-19 unchained us all from our office desks. 

So, I mulled it over for a weekend, weighing the pros and cons of shuffling between two full-time jobs. I was nervous about whether I could fulfill my commitments to both, like how meeting schedules might clash with one another. I worried about struggling at one …read more

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