I left my 10-year engineering career behind to become a full-time blogger. I may never match my $112,000 salary again, but I’m at peace with my choice.

A former engineer, not pictured, never expected to leave his 10-year career: “On paper, it seemed like the perfect career path for me.”

A former engineer who asked to remain anonymous for privacy reasons shared his burnout experience.
He says his 10-year career was perfect on paper but came with a lot of stressful responsibilities.
After having a panic attack at work, he made a change.

This as-told-to essay is based on a transcribed conversation with a 35-year-old blogger from Toronto about leaving the engineering world to pursue blogging full-time. He asked to remain anonymous to protect his identity. Insider has verified his former and current employment. The following has been edited for length and clarity.

Just six months ago, you could’ve asked me whether I’d see myself working as an engineer for the rest of my life, and the answer would have been a resounding “yes.” 

Even when I was a child, my favorite subjects at school were math and science. All my friends were also into science and math, and we all applied to engineering school and became engineers together. And did I mention my father was an engineer?

On paper, it seemed like the perfect career path for me. It wasn’t, but that took me a long time to realize.

I started my career working in traffic modeling, which in part consists of collecting traffic-count data at critical intersections and projecting existing traffic volumes to the future.

I ended up doing acoustics — which in my role involved environmental noise control, indoor and underwater noise modeling, and noise-exposure assessments — for about 10 years. Acoustics piqued my interest because it involves many types of projects, and I got to travel to different locations across North America. 

The first signs happened early in my career. I felt highly stressed due to massive workloads.

I was working 50 …read more

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