Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings reacts to surprise news that Disney is bringing back Bob Iger: ‘Ugh. I had been hoping Iger would run for president’

Bob Iger will replace Bob Chapek as CEO of Disney.

Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings tweeted his reaction to the news that Bob Iger returned to Disney.
Hastings wrote that he had been hoping Iger would run for US president.
Iger mulled running for president in the past, but has since said it was “a little bit too idealistic.”

The news that Bob Iger is rejoining Disney as CEO took those in the business world by surprise on Sunday evening — including Netflix co-founder and co-CEO Reed Hastings.

“Ugh. I had been hoping Iger would run for President,” Hastings tweeted out late Sunday night in reaction to the news. “He is Amazing.”

—Reed Hastings (@reedhastings) November 21, 2022


Iger is replacing Bob Chapek in the top spot less than three years after Iger passed the torch to him, having chosen Chapek personally as his successor.

Even though the 71-year old has said in multiple interviews that he wasn’t interested in returning, Iger’s decision to step up as CEO again stunned Wall Street, Hollywood executives, and media observers alike, Insider’s Claire Atkinson reported. The shakeup happened after a group of high-level Disney employees had told Disney’s board that they were considering leaving the company over frustrations from Chapek’s leadership.

Iger has entertained the idea of a possible presidential run in the past.

The first time Iger said he considered a run was before the 2016 presidential elections, but he decided not to after his wife told him that it would ruin their lives, CNBC reported. 

He considered running for president for a second time after the 2016 elections, saying that America was “gravely in need of optimism” in the wake of the Trump presidency. Still, he was met with resistance by his family once again and decided against it. 

Looking back at his political aspirations, …read more

Source:: Businessinsider

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